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The Story of Aureus - Part 13
  As we waited, Lykera turned from me to poke again at one of the books we’d been given to borrow. She was sullen and had no words for me after I had chastised her for prying into Alphonse’s past. I knew by now that curiosity was part of her nature as a Keeper, but it still irked me that her nose refused to stay out of everyone’s business. I wondered then why I couldn’t have just been thankful she was leaving my own past out of her questions and found that I had no answer. Even worse, I wondered suddenly why I’d recently cared so much to decide to question Alecsander about Alphonse’s parents. Was my nature as a do-gooder kicking in again? I had never been this damned righteous in my past. What was suddenly making me give two farts about people I had just met?
  “Where will you go when I decide to return home?”
  The question startled me. I realized she had been talking to me and I had not heard most of what she had been say
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Tik Tik Kobold 3 by tcat Tik Tik Kobold 3 :icontcat:tcat 0 0
The Story of Aureus - Part 12
   At some point I was sure I slept, though my scattered mind could have easily convinced me otherwise. One minute it was dark, with only a street light trickling into the tiny room, the next the bright orange of sunrise was flooding in. Somewhere in between I was staring up at the ceiling for hours on end.
   By the time the room was nearly completely lit, I groaned, already knowing that sleep had run off and left me exhausted and awake. A closed room with walls around me on all sides, I should have been able to sleep soundly for the first time in months. There was nothing here that wanted me dead. No big bad boogiemen lurking in the shadows. Just my nightmares playing over and over again in the back of my mind.
   But despite the silence and calmness around me, I’d slept like garbage. I rose feeling like I’d been run over by a horse.
   Or maybe a giant boar.
   Silently I made my way to the door, sneaking by Lykera who wa
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The Story of Aureus - Part 11
   Alecsander looked at us expectantly and I sat trying to piece my past half year together. I had explained our story only that morning to the good doctor, but one look from Master Zander’s grave expression and I knew I should not pass up even the most minor of detail no matter how small. I felt as if he were waiting to analyse and critique my entire life story and if I left something out he would be certain to have me go back to each part I missed. It made my choice on where to begin a daunting task.
   “I’m not sure where to start.” I admitted. “Everything feels as if it has happened so fast.”
   “Begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end; then stop.” He smiled kindly with a distant look in his eyes that gave me the impression he was quoting a passage from one of the many books around us.
   “Oh. Right.” I frowned down at the table in front of me. I didn’t think
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Grappling Hook Sisters by tcat Grappling Hook Sisters :icontcat:tcat 3 0
The Story of Aureus - Part 10
   “Alphonse!” The tone was commanding, but not unkind. The boy beside me at the table jumped with a squeak of alarm and turned toward the voice that was coming toward us from the very back of the library. Earlier in the evening Master Zander’s young apprentice had explained to me of the layout of the library we sat in now. Above us on the second floor were the books far too ancient for normal handling. These, perhaps would be the books I would wish to seek out for collecting history for my Story. They would be the archives that Master Zander coveted above all else, books that dealt with the history of the world and the Time Before. I found myself eager with a childish excitement to even be this close to such a goldmine of knowledge.
Above us on the third floor was what Alphonse described as the attic, the Curator’s rooms, where he slept during the day while Alphonse watched the library below. The boy had his own little room at the top of the stairs th
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The Story of Aureus - Part 9
   As I waited, I dreamed.
   I dreamed I was in my little cabin in the snowy landscape of home. Around me, scattered across fluffy rugs of polar bear and deer hide, were my father, grandmother, and four brothers, laughing as they joked and teased one another, occasionally with a jab at our younger foibles as only family can do. These jabs and pokes were only met with more laughter so hardy I feared the walls around us would shake free of their foundation.
   I smiled.
   As the conversations continued into the night my father had lead the topic toward how, when he was younger, he had nearly drowned his brother and my grandfather in the first canoe my father had carved. It had been his first test of boyhood. A ramshackle piece of dried tree trunk, it had barely stayed afloat long enough for the three of them to trek across the Rek’i before the boat sprang a leak and sank to the bottom of the river, leaving the three of them to swim back to
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Tik Tik Kobold 2 by tcat Tik Tik Kobold 2 :icontcat:tcat 1 0
The Story of Aureus - Part 8
  By the time our horse jerked to a stop I was on the edge of delirium from a lack of sleep. My “dreams”, if they could have been considered that, were of the bloodbath we had left behind us and of Blade screaming at us in every vile screech and growl her language would permit. I still did not understand the words, but the meaning was clear enough to the point I believed, in my sleep deprived brain, that her ghost had followed us and was now haunting me until the end of my days. Every chance I could take I would fall under the spell of sleep, only to be jolted awake by the same curses and smell of blood. Each time it woke me it took less and less to hear the sounds against my ears during my waking moments. We had traveled for almost a full day’s worth and the stars shone brightly above us with only a half moon to guide our way that night.
  This time, as we halted, I tried to blink my eyes into focus around us. The animal under us had slowed to a walk and Au
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The Story of Aureus - Part 7
           “By Aurora’s light.” I breathed. The village was smoldering and burning across the entire landscape as far as our eyes could see. What we couldn’t see was masked by smoke from the burning homes. I had imagined the Rider huts were only a several dozen spread here and there into a tiny campsite out in the center of the desert. Instead, what Blade had called a village was more like a small town by my tribe’s standards. The huts, much like our prison, had been dug into the ground and capped with wooden beams and straw roofs. What structures stood above the sand dunes were cloth tents, probably for storage or other creatures, perhaps horses, or the silverbeasts. The cries of battle and the fog of smoke lay all around us in several different directions. Among the chaos the sounds of horses crying filled whatever minuscule moments of silence there were and shadows danced in the fog, locked in battle with one another. I spo
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System.Reload Part 1 Cover by tcat System.Reload Part 1 Cover :icontcat:tcat 0 0
The Story of Aureus - Part 6
   “No!” My words range on deaf ears as the two lunged for one another. Being weak and wounded Aureus was slow, but not without strength of his own. Blade roared and charged forward, her knife slashing as he danced back, keeping his distance and constantly circling to her side, landing what blows he could to her legs and side. I had never seen anyone move so fast as the pair in front of me now.
   I jumped back as the knife thrust forward to occupy the space I had just stood. I was too slow, slower than I should have been. The weeks in bed and the healing scars had taken their toll on my body. I felt off balance, light headed. My thoughts were a rage inducing blanket of red.
I should have kept my idiot emotions in check.
   Below me I vaguely recalled hearing Lykera shrieking at us to stop. I ignored her and ignored the expression of disbelief plastered on Blade’s face at the speed I did possess. How could she say such things to me after
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The Story of Aureus - Part 5
   For the rest of the day I sat pondering the last words Blade and I had exchanged, wondering just what she had been trying to get from me. At first I had felt that she had been grilling me on the lives of my people as if to measure our two groups side by side and determine if we were worthy of her time. I wasn’t quite sure if she viewed us as pathetic and easily conquerable or with genuine curiosity. To her we must seem like a strange people. Not so different from my view of her clan, I supposed.
In either case my pride felt wounded. I’m not prone to outbursts normally. My people do not have tempers and such fits of speaking their mind are generally unheard of. I felt as if I had shamed my tribe.
   At least, I told myself, that I was sure the distance between my homeland and her territory here in the south was too far a travel for Blade to bother. I hadn’t ever heard of silverbeast Riders starting wars, but it would be best not to take chances.
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The Story of Aureus - Part 4
   We spent the rest of the night conversing by messages he would write in the earthen floor beneath us. My questions to him were simple, ones that required three or four word responses, but more than just yes or no answers. Where had he come from? What had happened to him? Who was he? What was his name?
   At my last question he hesitated, his finger flicking grains of soil as if to write, then he stopped and looked at me with that one good eye.
   He read the disappointment on my face and tapped his finger on the ground, frowning. Impatience for the next question or irritation that I would continue to ask such questions, I couldn’t tell.
   I struggled with my decision, but decided that in the end what did it matter, really? It would not get the answers I sought for his current plight. I let him claim the name I had given him as his own.
   “Aureus it is, then.”
   The interrogation continued as I thought c
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The Story of Aureus - Part 3
  “Zehirri silent?” The leader of the Rider’s laughed as she turned her attention to me.            
  “Why?” She demanded more roughly. “Zehirri run mouth like pup.”
  “I don’t know.” I looked passed her, settling on Aureus’ still form. Had he fallen asleep again? For the first time that we had met he appeared as if he finally rested well. “He cannot speak.”
  Her lip curled in distaste, a clear sign that hadn’t been the answer she’d been looking for. “Will send food. Water. Blade and female have talk at sunrise.”
  Blade? Was her name Blade or was she threatening me with pointed weapons?
  “Leave Zehirri.” She continued. “Need rest. Healing.”
  I nodded, weakly. “Will you untie me? If he needs me I can look after him.”
  A look of reproach filled her violet eyes. She looked me up
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Tik Tik Kobold in the Woods by tcat Tik Tik Kobold in the Woods :icontcat:tcat 3 0

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Tagged by :iconqueenmoreta: she tagged my character Xeno.
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1. Xeno the Warrior, like his five brothers and sister, originally started in a different time as two different beings - A calculated merging of an android and an A.I.. Though it is irrelevant to his present time the resulting Guardians (More technically and scientifically called Hybrids or "Chimeras") are viewed as the Gods of Old in an area now called Parthenia: what once was modern day Egypt.

2. Originally the seven Scions had little personality to distinguish each from the other when they were found by a group of children from a wandering tribe. They were blank slates that eventually learned to be their own persons. Xeno was the first to discover his personality and began questioning what he believed was inhumane treatment of their population, arguing that the slaves (which he oversaw) were humans just like the free people of their city. For this illogical way of thinking and the inability to drop the subject, the other six eventually turned on him, deemed him corrupted and tried to arrest him. It ended poorly. Bast the Huntress, Thoth the Scribe, and Khnum the Bard were killed, their "souls" devoured by Xeno, which broke his mind. Unable to be captured, Xeno fled and was banished from Parthenia. His name was stripped from record by the remaining gods (Horus the Sage, Anubis the Illusionist, and Set the Alchemist) and the worship of his religion banned. Small pockets of people still continued in secret.

3. Fleeing across the ocean, he gathered followers along the way, promising them paradise if they followed him and gathered more souls of other Guardians across the continent, taking many of their "powers" in turn: like a chameleon ability to blend into his surroundings. This overload of data further warped his mind and body, turning him into a larger, more powerful version of himself (see above). In reality, he would send his followers to die in battles for hope of winning back his titles as a god and his seat beside the remaining three Scions. Those that refuse to follow him were outright murdered.

4. Centuries later after trying to invade the desert oasis town called New Hope, and killing the leader of the Boar Tribe, Xeno is severely wounded, his followers nearly all killed or retreated and Xeno flees to hide in the ruins of Tenosh, where he is intercepted and captured by the Guardians of New Hope and the remaining three Scions of Parthenia. Through much work and experimentation the souls (IE: data) from the dead Guardians are pulled from Xeno's mind and he reverts back to a powerless and weakened state of his original form. He is then imprisoned in the dungeons below the Temple of Flame where he is expected to remain for the rest of time.

5. Over time, a wife of Anubis (a fellow worshiper and former slave) secretly comes to him during the weeks that follow, claiming he has so much more to give to their city. Offended by her charity, Xeno constantly turns her kindness away and does everything in his power to insult her and treat her poorly. She persists, however, and over time Xeno comes to find her company a welcome treat from the dreary monotony of his cell. They become allies and even friends. Four years later, with help and secrecy, a humbled and weakened Xeno escapes from the city and flees north to Terra, a city that built its foundations soon after Xeno's banishment from the Parthean religion. They base their worship on the uncorrupted Xeno and welcome him with open arms and nurse him back to health.

6. Now with a clear head, Xeno begins to rebuild his life: falling in love with the city's queen and leader, eventually siring a child with her, and leading his city like the Guardian/god he believes he was meant to be. After his fall from grace, Xeno believed he was cast from favour from the Sky (their prime creator) and the Holy Anarchos (the chosen Stars that fell to earth to become the Scions. [Religions are weird, yo]). He spends his days believing the people of Terra put their faith in a fallen god, but after an uprising of heretics who try to murder his wife and child, Xeno's rage reignites and his body reverts back to a version of his "corrupted" form - with his mind still intact this time.

7. Having his form changed, Xeno believes this is a "sign" the Sky had forgiven him and it was a higher form he was originally meant to take. Naturally, word has spread like wildfire across the globe to Parthenia that Xeno is alive and thriving. The remaining three Scions debate going to war, there's even an altercation between Xeno and a former cult member. After much debate and hot tempers, both sides agree Xeno will stay banished from Parthenia and never leave Terra again. An offer he gladly takes if it means not going to war.

8. He retires from the public eye to raise his daughter and grandchildren. Generations later, Xeno vanishes, acting as a guide to the kings and queens of his kingdom, the rest of his people believe him dead. How he finally "dies" isn't written in stone just yet. (Kind of leaning toward saving both Parthenia and Terra against an outside force).

BONUS FACT: Xeno likes to sculpt architecture with his magic (He built the palace in Parthenia) and dig. Since his element is Earth, Terra's underground cavern system is humongous.


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