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protecting your dumb human


it probably took them a few run ins to stop 

careful Mewtwo, someone might start to think you care =w=

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In fairness, how likely is Ash to run into an ordinary Pidgey given his track record?

Also, poor Team Rocket. I always figured at some point Giovanni would get arrested and they'd retire to just build and sell giant robots...

What? Apparently they can build them on a budget built of random odd jobs. No way you can't even a crappy giant robot for as much as they can earn disguising themselves as hot dog vendors or whatever at whatever tournament Ash is in this year.

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Honestly a Pidgey would be the greater challenge.

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Why do I hear Jojo music?

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good maybe now these guys can get a life

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did he wipe there memories of this? othorwise what would keep them from calling giovanni ( wich no matter how beat up he got or how hard the others tryd to keep meowth WOULD do for giovanni as we saw that brought him back to a normal mindset durring dynamax when no other pokemon could snap out of it untill being beat out of dynamax ) so would team rocket come back with a army?

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they aren't a threat to him because he didn't wipe their memories in Mewtwo Returns

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ok thank you! ( i still haveint watched the movies yet )

Ash: Has beat multiple gym leaders in most of the regions

Mewtwo: You can not handle a wild pidgey.

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one beat them up


loll "it was a pigey, you wouldn't have stood a chance"

and then their reactions

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"One time. ONE TIME!"

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"That... was.... ONE TIME."

ash: beats an island deity

mewtwo: says that he cant beat a pidgey

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its because he did get his arse kicked by a pidgey in episode one XD

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Actually those were Spearow I think.

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first it was a pidgey, it used gust on him when he failed catching it, then he throw a rock at spearow to try and get its attention and pissed it off

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ash: I survived!

pikachu : YOU "survived " ? i was the one who almost died!

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In the background: WE’RE BLASTING OFF AGAAAAaaaaaaaaaain~*

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Pikachu totally told him about the Pidgey thing!

Idk if that is true or not I'm new to reading this creator but it would be amazing if I am right... by Pikachu's expression I am pretty sure I am.

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oh yeah he most likely told Mewtwo everything XD he probably tells every pokemon

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