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Undertale - They Must be Part Cat

By TC-96
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Sans figures it takes less effort to just let Frisk do their own thing than to push 'em off, and he's a squishy pillow to the little kid. I also like to think back when Frisk first fell underground they weren't one for talking that much X3

and no this is not a shipping thing, Frisk is a seven year old kid, so don't even. gross.

yay we got a dub! :D…
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LuzDelAlbaNew Deviant


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23sprimeHobbyist Traditional Artist

I want to see the dub, but it says the video's private-


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I don't think a skeleton would be very squishy -v-'

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TC-96Professional Digital Artist

magic XD clothes making him poofy

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that-one-WOF-fanNew Deviant

Awwww! so cute

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The-Cyan-WolfStudent Digital Artist

too cute~:heart:

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couldn't help my self but this super cute.

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im dying of cuteness help-

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Aww this bring me back memories when my baby sister looks for me at home and find me sleeping in the living just like Sans... My sister climbs on top of me and sleep with me in the living room sofa...

This beautiful art bring me back good memories... I thank you for that... Keep up the good work...
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TC-96Professional Digital Artist
glad you like this ^^
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I really did... I show this to my little sister and she too really love it.
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yurifanboy67Hobbyist Artist
So cute! :3
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Did I ask for this beauty? No

Did I get it? Yes

am I grateful? Of course

hotel? Trivago.

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AmyNChanHobbyist General Artist
d'awwwwwwwwwwww.  Family snuggle time!
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OverlyDramaticLogicHobbyist Artist
This sends my BroTP meter skyrocket
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Awh~! Adorbs!! 💖

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ENderSwaPfAnStudent Traditional Artist

who ever ships frans is like the most gross people int he world besides

other people ((Just my opinion.((

and im glad this isnt a frans thing

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xiljyHobbyist Photographer

No people that ship sans and papyrus together are the gross ones I mean at least frisk and sans aren't related.

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Cooki3s4EvaHobbyist Digital Artist
Hey that’s rude!!

But I understand. I only support it as long as Frisk and sans are in about the same age group. Like, seven year difference at most.
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I would love Sans to be my dad lmao

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RedNinjaBullHobbyist General Artist
:D this is just....ADORABLE!!! <3
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IluvsFlippynyaHobbyist Traditional Artist
My heart! It's too sweet and precious!
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Kanzy4560Hobbyist Digital Artist

This is so cute awww~!

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