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Undertale - Taking your Sans out on Errands

By TC-96
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don't do it or you'll have to make window payments 

based off a gif I saw ages ago and I don't know where to find it ;3; 
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Note to self: never take Sans out shopping.

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Pap: Sans! Sans!...Shut the fuck up Sans!

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who did it Undyne or Papyrus?

DeeDee0704's avatar

Alphys just dies inside

ErikWarhammer's avatar

That "I'm done with your sh*t!" moment.

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You can tell he's thinking "worth it" in the last panel.

steam-dieselpunkpunk's avatar

Sans: Master look tis the good cush

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That was the last time they took sans with them on errands... it was also the first time

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rip sans 2015-2018 died by being thrown through a window, may he forever be in our souls

lol i love your art style too

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Nice pun, and someone call ambulance please.
CraftUniKitty101's avatar

well that performance shattered didn't it?

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Me: See's comment section

Papyrus would be having a bad time reading this.

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Got some beef with puns? Nothing to cobbler Sans about. Seriously. Flinging him like a catapoultry. Yeah, he would seafood and spout out puns but it's fine. there's grocer humor out there.
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And there goes my sanity...

titanusgojiraking's avatar

don't you mean sansity

BadgerHood12's avatar

Best not to assume we had much in the first place.

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Omg... I bow to you Punmaster! *Slow claps*

Mind if I have a turn?

You don't have to turnip your nose when Sans makes a corny pun. At yeast give the guy some credit. I get it if cheesy jokes are nacho style, but I think pudding up with them is butter.

BadgerHood12's avatar
A fine spout. As a cereal punster myself, you have the turkey to success. Some say I'm not Gouda enough but it's nice to hear someone say otherwise. At yeast you got my back. You sugar real supportive. But anywhey, puns are one of my specialteas. Nothing to disrecart when it comes to me. These jokes might get butchered, yeah. But the day, that fishy feeling may just be you wanting to smaisle.
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These are terrible.
But hey, who am i kitten. Ive got a few up my own sleeve too. Im paw-sitive that you didn't sea this cumin. After all, somebody needs to make some purr-fect jokes. Man, these are really kraken me up. (Skeleton puns coming up) I find them humerus. In fact, i didn't think i had the guts to do it. This virus has me bone-ly, does it you too?
BadgerHood12's avatar
The virus? Yeah, it's covid the entire world by now. But for now, let's focus on your punny little word play. You went off topic on the first calf. For some reason, you were feline on making cat puns at the start. Not to say they were bad, it just seemed you whisked your chance. At least you had the backbone to patellas about the skeleton ones. I know tibia someone who has to stay focused all the time can be hard, but I say it can be within your radius. It's not a shin to practice every once in a while. Try not to market your success too much, you'll come off as a bit coccyx. Don't let the cat get your tongue. It'll be quite the tail to tell.
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Well, you sure did ketchup to me. No offense, but i think you should Mufasa (definitely not a lion king reference). You were just a whisker away. Your pun skills are definitely egg-cellent, but dont chicken out quite yet. Its quite the feat(her) to continue these. But man, you've got to be kitten me. Try a bite harder next time, hm?
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