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Undertale - 4th Anniversary

it's that time of year again, kids!

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Chata: REEEEEE Frisk: REEEEEEE Kris: -_-

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I'll be honest. I haven't been in an Undertale mood in a while, and that makes me sad. I was passionate for it, and i fondly remember all the people i met during that time and the fun I had. So it puts a crack in my heart to look back on those and then see how ive run out of drive for Undertale, no matter how much I love and respect it.

But seeing stuff like this, even if it's been a while, it really puts a smile on my face and puts a band-aid on my heart çrack. For I know someone somewhere out there was inspired and probably felt their drive for such a memorable game reignited. For I know that even if it wasn't as active as before, Undertale lives on in many peoples hearts.

Thank you.

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yeah I've been having fun with pokemon instead of Undertale myself, hopefully some day the spark comes back though

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best anagram I've ever seen
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undertale, Its finger licken good!

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chara : MAKE ME

kris : ( *huff* why do i exist)

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You think Kris is the best person to keep those 2 in line? Have you played Deltarune in its entirety? XD (Rhetorical question, btw. Just in case some of your other watchers can't tell.)

Kentucky fried chicken :D

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i had a therory that 1: in dr chap 2 there will be a sans fight cause mudaer + sans = bad time and 2: that kris is chara, think about it. charadied cause they wanted to free all monsters, if monsters were never traped, then chara wouldent have died, plus ariel still lived. also we know kris was always living with asriel.

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I hate to sound like one of those people but if you still look at these comments, there is a fanfiction I made that I would like you to look at what I have so far and maybe give any feedback. It was inspired by stories like yours and other artists'.

Here is the link:

If you do not want to look at it or you simply do not like me trying to advertise my story on your artwork, I understand.

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OMG that is adorable!!!
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Imagine TC-96 made a comic dedicated to kris
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4 years already?
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will kris be in endtale? lol

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Did toby fox named them Kris, Frisk and Chara to form KFC or was it a coincidence .-.

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Frisk = Me
Chara = My Sister
Kris = My Mom
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