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Uncle Mewtwo - 2

By TC-96
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well...first he fainted, and now he needs time to think. This was originally a really big comic that had to be split in 2, the 2nd part will be along in a day or so 
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KenzeeDrawzStudent Digital Artist

it's so sad! ;n;

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I did almost the same thing when my mom announced she was pregnant with my baby brother. After almost 30 years, I still remember getting laid out flat on my ass...

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KikiO3000Hobbyist Artist

Mewtwo has left the chat

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Wiggler newtwo is adurable, so cute... Cutetwo.

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Hey TC, I just wanted to let you know, I love your artwork and this series. Before I saw NewTwo’s baby I was like “Aww!” But seeing the Shiny Mewtwo baby made me awe even more. So, I thought of making Newtwo and her child in Gacha Club, it your okay with it?
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TC-96Professional Digital Artist

sure go for it

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Mewtwo lay on the bubbles Mew made!I want to lie on the bubble !

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I love your comics!

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Katgirl217Hobbyist Artist

Not even a new nephew will heal Mewtwo's PTSD.

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TC-96Professional Digital Artist

Might help though

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Katgirl217Hobbyist Artist


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He's just worried he'll be what they were made to be :'C

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Papa's not doing okay.

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TC-96Professional Digital Artist

Uncle, not papa XD

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Not the happiest memory to go back to :(

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he's still pretty broken

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I'm not sure he's coming back this time.

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Just realized that I need a fan fiction of all these comics rolled into one streamlined story, would do it myself but my writing skills are not up to par for something like this, anyone else up for the challenge?

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klevry1Hobbyist Traditional Artist

Me two!

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TC-96Professional Digital Artist

I'd read it XD

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AnimeGeekOrNerdHobbyist Traditional Artist
... is MewTwo OK??? His silence worries me.
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Aw, he'll come around!

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I think that Newtwo was ready to an awful comment from him, but when he stands up and goes outside she feel bad for ...well, "her brother"

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Man, now I feel bad for making fun of him for freezing earlier

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