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The Other Mewtwo - 2

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continuing this ask

and things are only getting more confusing for the 'Two duo

Also don’t quote me on pokemon moves, all I know is Mewtwo’s shadow balls hit everyone and damage everything, I don’t think the anime always go by game logic
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modernjediknightHobbyist Writer

_In unison_: "He's with me! He's with you?!"

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I can't unsee it.

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I don’t think mewtwos shadow balls are whell shadow balls I think there just mewtwos own special energy

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Fuyuko-YukiHobbyist General Artist

I think the real problem is that the shadow ball hit Fearow at all since it's normal type

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Again I think it’s some special one of a kind energy mewtwo can make

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I see Ash forgot to mention a few details to Mewtwo about the other one he met...

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There both questioning everything they now at this point

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Hm. I really need to watch that movie. I saw a preview of it, but that's it.

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ContainedPicklesHobbyist Interface Designer
So Mewtwo has a female counterpart who can do the Hadokuen?

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Sir-Duke01Student Traditional Artist
u might know everything i'm going to say, but that's not going to help since i know everything you're going to say; strange isn't it!
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omg nice reference to the sonic ova movie I remember sonic saying that to metal sonic
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Sir-Duke01Student Traditional Artist
thanx :D
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ShimaNymphiaHobbyist Digital Artist
give us MORE PLZ!!!! <3 *-*
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Bruce04Hobbyist Traditional Artist
aaaaash u got some splainin to dooooo
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All this does is make me want to check out the 16th movie!:D
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TC-96Professional Digital Artist
I recommend, if anything to get to know what she's like ^^ 
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Cool! But first, I must go through the rest of the series, XD!
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TC-96Professional Digital Artist
honestly I watched it completely out of context just fine since it doesn't really tie into the series, like all the other movies XD the only thing I didn't know were the people Ash was with but it didn't really bother me that much, his friends change all the time 
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Oh, man, I hate when characters switch out, LOL. I'll get to it one day, that's for sure!;)
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Dat-ChococatHobbyist General Artist
"what what?"
"what what what????"
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What Mewtwo says after save HER sounds a bit like flirting 😅😝😝
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UMSAuthorLavaHobbyist Digital Artist
Don't worry. From what I've seen, attacks in the anime are sometimes just strong enough to bypass type immunity. (And there are some games that treat immunity as just resistance)
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SakuyamonProfessional Digital Artist
Honestly, the second mewtwo still dont make sense to me at all. I mean... Mewtwo absolutely destroyed the labs he was made in, there is no way another mewtwo would have been able to have been made there without his knowledge or even escaped at the same time... The only way I can accept it is that its from another universe just like the ultra beasts. But sure, having mewtwo and mewthree interact can be a fun idea.
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