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Talking to Mew - 3


(play Brother my Brother for extra feels :V)

things won't be instantly better for them all but talking it out between them and mew was the last big hurdle

Huey's processing everything he heard

continued from here
Talking to Mew - 2 by TC-96

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Aw man, poor Huey.

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Mew's faces... them crying... and Hewey! whats gonna happen now? he has to talk with his mom, he can't keep this for himself!

he's more mature now but he's still a kid

Is it bad that when I saw the last panel I had to hold in my laughs

bruh, huey looks miserable😭

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I'm glad they talked it out! It's not going to instantly fix everything between them, but this is a good first step leading into a hiepfully better relationship between them. The part when Mew hugs her children and crying and the siblings letting Mew do it cuz New needs to let it all out.....oh my heart. They know this wasn't easy on Mew either. Jeez I wonder how Huey is really going to process that load the information dumped on him.

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dare you punch me this hard with my own feelings

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everyone's faces are absolutely devastating, your expressions are so well drawn i love them

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First you made Mew cry and then Huey cry and now...IM BAWLING!!!!

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Wait, is Newtwo addressing Mewtwo as "Mewtwo" in that one panel? I just realised that I don't really know how they would address each other. I mean, for Mew and Huey it's kinda easy. Only one Mew and Huey is a nickname Ash gave him iirc. And Ash would obviously refer to Mewtwo as Mewtwo, because that was how Mewtwo introduced himself. But what would people call Newtwo in universe, and isn't it kinda awkward for one Mewtwo to address another as Mewtwo??

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they're just used to calling each other "mewtwo" XD

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That... actually kinda makes sense? I mean, if I meet someone with the same name as me, I don't stop using their name.

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Aw...this should be canon! I'm so glad they worked this out!

Oh my gosh, the comic's title is "Talking to Mew3/Mewthree"! We found Mewthree! I'm just kidding, lol. it's "talking to mew - 3."

Do they have to forgive Mew? No. But they will all be better off for it, as there really isn’t any defensible reason not to…

I guess all the Mews aren’t terribly practiced in emotional communication. Though it seems Huey may break that trend.

Poor kid had no idea how much his folks have hurt and are still hurting, seems he will drift and become awakened to how he may be unintentionally harming or distressing his loved ones. And he comes running back to make it better. (Steven Universe wishes it could be this good)

we all love the Mews, but Huey is quite special in that he’s the first mew we really get to see just be a kid and learn from it that way- and he learns quite quickly too compared to human kids like I bet most of us in real life have any comparison to. It is not a coincidence that he is greatly loved by the fans. ( and why a weirdo like me would even describe him as “smexy” when he’s older X\)

pat yourself on the back for maintaining such organic character evolution for this long.

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....I`m lost for words....That was just heartbreaking....And Beautiful at the same time....

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Nintendo and Game Freak should've hired you for adapting Pokemon into a comic series!!

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Damnit it's "sorrow and sadness" levels over here.(Ya know like that Naruto song sorrow and sadness)

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Damnit are ninja cutting onions again or is it just me😢

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I'm. Not. Crying. *sniff*

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OH GOD NOW I'M CRYING TOO This was beautifully done. great job!

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basically, no one is perfect, everyone makes mistakes, life sometimes just SUCKS, and thank goodness for family. Because man, it would SUCK to go through it alone

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