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Mewtwo has his spots here and there, and Mew will be wherever Mewtwo is 
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I wanna see one or both of them doing the 'cat loaf' thing. I see the 'cat on a hot day' spread-eagle here, but what about the cat loaf?

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it seems any where the want and can

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Mew and Mewtwo by swirlheart

Just wanted to bring this to your attention.
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"I didn't see that before" sigh...
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It wasn't intentional at all. But to avoid confusion, I suppose I could do something about it, but should I give credit to a coincidence? I don't know, but seeing how similar they appear I can certainly see what you mean and I don't want people getting upset for something that wasn't intentional.
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Bro, it was intentional 😆 Like it’s exactly the same as TC’s work. You just put Mew from a different panel with Mewtwo from a different panel. But otherwise you took TC’s work. Like come on.

How about you shut up. Your just one of those annoying people who think everything is plagiarized. Just stop.

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I mean... It's clearly not traced, and the poses are kind of... common? So...

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lol spread eagle Mew
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Awww! Mew laying on his back on Mewtwo's back.
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mewtwo makes a good pillow 
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They're practically my own cats... the only difference is Mewtwo isn't trying to give Mew a bath every time they're within a foot of each other.
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Though honestly if anything it would be Mew trying to give Mewtwo a bath XD he’d just push Mew away 
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...and then Mew teleports Mewtwo into the bathtub.
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If I was in that universe.

I'd buy them a comfy bed.

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they're so adorable! pink heart {big} 
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they're baby
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Awww, mama Mew loves her sweet boy! :D
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He’s sweet in Mew’s eyes anyways XD despite his rebelling and grumpiness 
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Mew sleeping on Mewtwo's face is priceless.
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