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Pikckin' Fights

By TC-96
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for Mewtwo’s sake, it might not be a good idea

he finally get’s his spot back and gets his gut destroyed as a result

this is because in the new series, Ash finally gets a Riolu on his team (the new series hasn't come to the west yet)

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OnyxJDShadowHobbyist General Artist

Pikachu's facial expression says it all. Excuse my language but in my head, he is saying pokemon variation of "Oh shit" over and over again as he drags the baby away from Mr. Grumpy.

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Hatboi5Hobbyist General Artist
that's gotta hurt
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Ouch, poor Mewtwo.

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What if Riolu tackles him or if he jumps on his crotch?

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I dunno if Mewtwo even HAS nads, man...

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Who knows?

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Riolu used ELBOW DROP!

It's super annoying!

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KannaAsaHobbyist General Artist

Pikachu: "Abort mission. Abort Mission!"

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Kittenpower444Hobbyist Digital Artist

What's the series called where is here riolu??

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ELLBOW! (Who gets this?)

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Mewtwo belly hit count: 2

-Knockout from Ness

-Elbowed by Riolu

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The riolu stuff is funny but ware did he come from

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I think it's cause Ash just got a Riolu in the anime.

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TRIGGERED. Pikachu sees it....

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Someone's been learning inappropriate things from Incineroar.

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TC-96Professional Digital Artist

At least he can’t learn throat chop, that would really suck

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Skullb0nesHobbyist Digital Artist

Pickachu going, RUUUUUUUN

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I'm afraid I don't quite understand. Why does Riolu hate/attack MewTwo so much? I apologize for not knowing much about Pokemon.

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DarkDragon5678Hobbyist Traditional Artist

this riolu loves to fight strong enemies and get stronger, even ones way out of its league so that is why it attacked mewtwo

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So why does it like NewTwo so much?

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And thank you for the information.

Rrfyggyyhyyhuythh's avatar

Her Aura is very gentle. Mewtwo's is different do to the stuff he did in the past.

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pikachu helped punchy boi nope out of there real quick

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