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someone gifted me core so I can post some videos I already posted on tumblr XD
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Should I ask?

What's funny is that I know the video you are talking about.

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They partied to hard. All that warm moomoo milk put them right to sleep.

Mr-Dusk14's avatar

Ash and Pikachu finally ran out of PP.

derington's avatar

Ash should be in his twenties by now, maybe he had his first drink.

sithman91's avatar

what the heck is this song?

Pokemontrainer1201's avatar

It's called Carmelldansen and it's from the early 2000's and is known predominantly throughout most anime fans at the time as that one song that compels you to do the dance. If you want to know what the dance is YouTube can help you there. Looks like it's just a funny song to play while you lay on the floor playing dead.

tribalewok24's avatar

I was watching this without the volume up, but now... I'm going to turn it up and find out which version it is

tribalewok24's avatar

Yup, still no idea. I'm going to guess Swedish.

sithman91's avatar

okay lol I knew I was missing context here! but still funny regardless.

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Mewtwo just looks so disappointed with them! It’s just hilarious!

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he be like: "i am not angry, just disappointed"

CraftUniKitty101's avatar

i knew it was this song before i played it

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Jinmu-Ryunosuke's avatar

they just faint, so yeah, they are okay.

Is this what happens when Delia isn’t home?

RedRonin999's avatar

Before I clicked, I saw the colored lights in the window, and I KNEW what meme this was.

dargon345's avatar

what meme is it?

RedRonin999's avatar

Look up the meme "Parties too hard and dies".

dargon345's avatar

To be honest I was hoping for the Sponge Bob Jellyfish Party music when I saw the flashing house

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