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Opinions on The Lion Guard

By TC-96
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I regret nothing -w-

Now I'm not trying to start any fights, but it is just so silly how some people get so offended by things that really don't matter. If you don't like the Lion Guard, that's totally fine, I understand, but when some people attack other people for liking it and make a big scene about it like a child, it is...hilarious.

Reminds me of just how dumb our fandumb can be
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TeslatheDogStudent General Artist

It’s not a perfect show, but I would still happily take it over that “live action“ Lion King remake any day!

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TheLionGuard88 Filmographer

It was said there’d also a real life action Lion Guard in 2022

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TeslatheDogStudent General Artist

Dear fucking god......

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TheLionGuard88 Filmographer

Hah, Kion And Bunga are me, and the show is for everyone! (Not to you, to them)

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I liked The Lion Guard and I fully thought it was canon. However, one of my friends on YouTube named Pwnag3king, (now NubbZ3) despised the show and claimed it to be non-canon. At first I hated him for that, but decided to respect his opinion. However, after the Christmas episode, which I hated, he made a video of the episode being proof the series wasn't canon. I started to dislike the show because it fit in well with the Lion King, but the episode basically said it wasn't canon, and I hated how it wasn't in the story. I then began to think it was non-canon.

After Season 3, I once again believed TLG was canon due to tying up some loose ends, (explaining how Scar got his scar, where Kion was during TLK 2, and what happened after the second-film).

But now, I'm starting to dislike Nubbz3. Because I'm beginning to realize how biased and flawed his opinions are. He claims to not watch the show, but still bash on it. I understand he doesn't like it, but if he's going to bash on a show, then in order for him to have legitimate criticism, he HAS. TO. WATCH. THE. FULL. EPISODES. Clips aren't enough to warrant review. People use the "Don't like, don't want" argument when they try to bitch about someone criticizing something they like, and they tend to abuse it when bitching about someone who is constructively criticizing someone, but this argument fits perfectly. Critics have to watch the full material to get the review straight, even the shittiest of shows and movies. The sad thing is that I defended this guy when people used this excuse against him.

One of his recent videos bashing the Lion Guard was titled "The Lion Guard Ruined Disney." and he basically was just going on and on bashing on it with no solid back-ups to his trash talk, and in one of his videos which explained the Lion Guard's cancellation, it was just a full 4+ min video of him stumbling around a bunch of crap he has no clue about.

So partially, I blame him for filling my head with false info, and me for being so quick to believe it. I kinda wish I never met him because my original opinion on the show would've lasted all the way to the end.

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superbosaStudent Digital Artist
Well you should be careful if his video’s i don’t trust him
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Yes, you're right. I should've been more careful.

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I never watched it only saw clips and snips but tonight we strike really fits into a different fandom for obvious reason
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RuthNavarathneHobbyist Filmographer


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Lioncub343Student Artist
Kion has a cutie mark? XD I never heard that before
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Kitsu0kamiHobbyist Traditional Artist
At first, i didn't like TLG that much, it was kinda boring, i thought the design sucked... but after a while, I changed my mind... And after that, I watched the season 3... Oh my, I sould have shut the hell up to my backward opinions... It's well written, characters are fine, developping story is very interesting, and it's like a true life immersion where you have your ups and downs, where nobody is perfect, (i won't spoil anything here, but I was nicely shocked about one scene, it made me teared up ;_;)
btw, sorry for the english "^^
I hope there will be a fourth season, and it's me or there will be a spin off with Kiara and Kovu ?
The Lion Guard is a good tv show, with a lot of good characters and at least there is not DEM every episode... :D
I'm a first hour fan of The Lion King, and I have to admit that it was the best way to renew the franchise ^^
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animemaster9009Student Digital Artist
Honestly never had a problem with it. In fact, I welcome it to the Lion King canon.
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Attacking people for having an opinion is just childish, I’ve heard people talking shit about the show, and I don’t give a fuck about what they say about the show, but if anyone talks about their opinions and demands them to be facts, like if Bronies tell me that, I have to like My Little Pony, I don’t give a fuck.
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KatiAmelStudent Digital Artist
Man... Why would people hate a preschool cartoon like that? In my option, hating a cartoon for preschool kids is just a waste of time as it's useless. 
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Alliedforce35Hobbyist General Artist
Indeed. Excellent work with this comic! It seems that things like fanaticism and stupidity take priority to positive emotions and reason in these people. I like Lion Guard and, after seeing many episodes, I don't see any reasons for criticism.
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p0ketigerHobbyist Digital Artist

Lol, I personally love the Lion Guard franchis! They actually did end up tying it in with LK2!

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TC-96Professional Digital Artist
I'd love to see them do an epilogue with Kion and the team coming back to the pride lands after the events of the movie :D
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p0ketigerHobbyist Digital Artist

That’d be super cool!

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Love the show
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I don’t really have much of a problem with the show itself. I think it cute and sweet even if it’s sorta strange in some areas. Really the only things I really dislike about it is how they make Kiara’s personality completely flip and make her sorta bratty, and how Simba is sorta... just all over the place. And how Simba had to wait years to get a few sentences from his deceased father, and Kion can just speak to him whenever he feels like it. That bugs me. Other than that I think they did a mediocre job on the show.
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BlueTessaHobbyist General Artist
It's okay to dislike this show (I personally have mixed feelings about it), but disliking it for these reasons is dumb.
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i love the lion guard but most of the people i know and don't like it have their reasons, not all of them are butthurts.... all the insults against those who don't like the series is not much better than the opinions against it :/
nice art though ^^
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TC-96Professional Digital Artist
I’m making fun of the people who do make those dumb complaints 
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Bwahahahahhhahaha I did laughing EMS rolled up mourge autopsy states that he died from afexiation from laughing
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