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Mew probably does it mostly out of affection for the twos XD
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also, from that position, it looks like mewtwo put up a struggle, but ultimately was for naught, and in vain, lol. He couldn't stop the affectionate onslaught of licking.

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TC-96Professional Digital Artist

tried and failed to make a break for it

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was not fast enough, and mew can teleport

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ooooh this is cute~

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mewtwo looking like he is absolutely bewildered. "How could this happen to me? What mistakes have l made?"

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It makes me happy when Mew is a good mama. :3

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Look at his eyes. :D

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:aww: Mew is grooming his baby!

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Kodimarto Filmographer

Grooming? They don't even have any-- Don't question these things.

Nice one, love the expression!

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If I am right there is one Pokedex entry where it said that Mew does have fur it is just not noticeable if you look at it. Also how else could get the scientists from the first movie a brow of a mew to create Mewtwo if Mew doesn't have fur. Well it's a whole different story if Mewtwo has fur because it was never stated but if Mew has fur shouldn't Mewtwo have fur too and also Newtwo in this case.
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Kodimarto Filmographer

Ah, okay.

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That was a mistranslation. It was bones from the tail tip; not an eyebrow.

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Well good to know
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Drift01Hobbyist Digital Artist

love it

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ScarletRoseValentineHobbyist Writer

The look on Mewtwo's face is great. This or the time-out bubble? XD

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I wonder if mew has ever nearly tripped ash up by weaving bit wean his legs.

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I love how mewtwo is just like "h e l p. for the love of arceus please get it off..."

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ShadowEclipexHobbyist Traditional Artist


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Electric-RaichuHobbyist Traditional Artist

mewtwo will never admit he likes it.

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😂 Cute and funny!

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Gold-Jackal3Hobbyist Writer

Ya know i have to wonder, how did mew, sneak over to even start this grooming session?? Yud think the first lick would cause Mewtwo to-

... ._____. I GOT IT! MEW USED LICK!!!! thats why Mewtwo is just sitting there!!

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TC-96Professional Digital Artist

Mewtwo is paralyzed XD

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