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Mewtwo vs the Carolina Reaper

he reacts to probably how you'd expect
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* Mewtwo ate the CAROLINA REAPER

* It had no effect...

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* Aoki ate the CAROLINA REAPER

* Aoki Fainted!

newtwo is concerned


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i imagine its the same with that one chip challenge

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he can pretty much handle anything

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he would be able to win those spicy food challenges, its just the fact of "do i want to go... or stay home?"

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basically "I have better things to do with my time, thank you."

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My dad ate one before yeah he did not last long until it hit him

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Everyone wishes to have the tolerance Mewtwo does XD

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he is awesome newtwo

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I have eaten a ghost pepper, and I was fine.

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Carolina reapers make ghost peppers look like child’s play

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Can handle the spiciest pepper in the world, but can't handle two cookies worth of sugar.

Legendaries are weird, man.

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They messed up somewhere designing his guts

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"Same as you."

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WTF, Mewtwo do you, even have tastebuds?

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no receptors at all for spice apparently

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In real life birds (at least some common kinds) aren't affected by capsaicin.

And rats and mice don't notice bitter things.

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i guess he is partially bird then lol

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he's Mewtwo obviously, you've known him since you were born (tis a joke lads)

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