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Mewtwo's revenge

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“I thought you were done wandering the night??”

“I’d like to go out again.”

“You’re taller than me you can OPEN the door!!”
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JaxonTheUmbreonHobbyist Traditional Artist
I really want to do a Comic Dub for this, but the person actually does do it, does it so well.
I'm good with voices, but the person who voices for these characters should be proud of themselves.
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dragonkingeeveeNew Deviant

Ha mewtwos face is like yes yes it is

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I love the look on Mewtwo’s face in the last picture!!!!!!!! XD

BenonicTheHedghog's avatar

This is both cute and funny!!! XD

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Anime!Mewtwo plus laser pointer...oh dear Lord >XD

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My cat did this constantly....
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Kat-RobinsHobbyist General Artist
Did anyone else notice Ash's slippers?
I would have Dunsparce ones myself. It looks like a slipper, with heel spikes!
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I'd have gone with Swinub. Those fuzzy little buggers look like they'd be toasty.
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The-Art-ClaudHobbyist Artist

10 Pokebucks says Pikachu picked them out.

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Kat-RobinsHobbyist General Artist have hands.....And I think you can survive until 7:00....don't like? Don't stay out after my bedtime.....silly kitty.
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Okami-NorinoStudent General Artist
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True-MakerHobbyist Traditional Artist
dude let me in I'm a fairy
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GigglegirlHappyHobbyist Digital Artist
Don’t you believe in faries?
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True-MakerHobbyist Traditional Artist
Moth Meme Brother 
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Good thing my effie is a house cat
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Ash: you have HANDS Mewtwo, You can TELEPORT!!!
Ash: My Bulbasaur can open door with his vines, why you can't with your hands?
Mewtwo (for bothering you) open that door!!
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OkeiranyStudent General Artist

Now THAT'S cat behavior.

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I see that smirk Mewtwo id tell him that we hardly get any emotes but i 
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Jackfrost-300-truefrHobbyist Digital Artist
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LOL, karma is a pain.:)
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And then, to add more to the insult, once Ash opens the door, Mewtwo will just stand there, with Ash patiently waiting, until...

Mewtwo: "Actually, I think I want to come in through THAT door."

*levitates over to another door*

I have three cats. ALL OF THEM are like that.

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WolvesDancer93Hobbyist General Artist
That smirk :love: 
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julian0123Hobbyist Writer
The perfect revenge :D
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Then in a further dick move, Ash opens the door and Mewtwo just stands there looking at it, like a real cat :lol: Either that or Mewtwo says 'You know what, I can just teleport' and does exactly that :giggle:
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