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Mewtwo's quiet corner


he’d probably like classical or maybe he likes country music I dunno you decide

I’m definitely not the first person to make that dumb mug joke 

Mew's version
Mew's music box by TC-96 

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this song actually goes well with this image

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reminds me a lot of roblox vibe games

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He sure looks relaxed 😌
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I can imagine him listening to Heavy Metal. Lol

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That's a nice way to chill😄

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somebody is hap

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lol I vote he loves cheesy pop songs and no one must know!! Though the peaceful expression and listening to death metal is just as funny!! Then again I love the idea of him being a classical music guy! There are just to many good choices.

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on a scale of lo phi hip hop to any doom sound track what is mewtwo's music?

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I always wonder if his tail is his belly?

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Like in all animals, his tail is part of a continuous spine. So being continuous with its torso makes sense.

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his tail is just the same colour as his belly, that's all

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It's like jotaro's hat, where does it start and end?

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honestly with how crazy his life is he needs one ( also does newtwo have a quiet corner) (i could guess mew wouldn’t need one)

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Mewtwo stole squidwards fucking nose via telepathy.

why the fuck would you do this?

He must be partial to soft rock.

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So fun! :meow: Great job with the smooth animation. ^_^
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I wonder what he listens too. 
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He’s probably partial to classical but I love the idea of him liking Country XD 
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I like the idea of him listening to Bob Ross since it's so relaxing 😄
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4 months later and I still can't unsee him vibing to Big John

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Hahaha the just picturing him jamming to Big Iron. 
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obviously he's into some of those rainy lofi remixes

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He would like to listen to something soothing based on how much he has to deal with. 
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