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Mewtwo Strikes Back


two birds with one stone with this answer

this time Mewtwo will take the time out bubble with pride 

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Ok Game Freak, you'll have to add the Prankster ability for Mewtwo now.

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Awww, he's laughing! :D

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Lol so worth it.

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Honestly, part of me thinks that Mew would be really proud of Mewtwo for that prank and only really put him in the timeout bubble out of obligation.

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After reading this comic I pulled this prank on a cousin who was years younger than me and they didn’t even realize I was turning the water on and off it went on for almost half an hour

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Mew: mew ( it’s so on)

mewtwo: (still laughing) what’s on

mew:mew (prank war that’s what watch your back)

mewtwo: should I be worried, naaa I’ll be fine

somewhere else mew is laughing evilly

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mew:mew(prepare yourself 'two, Imma comin')

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Mew: You're Grounded.

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Cut to Mewtwo in another time out bubble and he's just like "Worth it."

No no... while Mewtwo is laughing his tail off, Mew gets a garden hose, hooks it up, and then sprays Mewtwo with it.

The entire field ends up muddy because of the ensuing water fight fun they have, and neither of them will acknowledge anything that happened, but it ends up a fond and happy memory for Mewtwo.

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then they both get a long, loooong lecture from ashes mom for wasting so much water and ruining her lawn

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but the whole time there snickering to each other

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I can totally see that lmao

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Remember, Mewtwo--YOU'RE PART MEW.

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Now this...this gave me giggles....pffft

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mewtwo strikes mack indeed!! XD
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That's really funny.

Also, Mew isn't seeming that smart considering the direct correlation between the rotation of the handle and the flow of water...

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Mewtwo is lucky that Mew is a cinnamon roll (but he's also a big troll, and love to use morphing and his capacities to learn any attacks for troll trainers and pokemons) 
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See mewtwo having fun isn't hard!
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Yeah it's just a matter of figuring out how to apply it properly.

What happened when Ash came out and saw this?

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