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what do you mean that's not the name for Mew birth? this is just some joke I couldn't resist drawing
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That makes scence
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julian0123Hobbyist Writer


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This reminds me of that calico cat dream someone had, and the comic someone else made about said dream
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srg1Hobbyist Digital Artist

So cute!

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EugeneCasillasNew Deviant
EugeneCasillas behavior card day season 2/GGRdraws gets in dead meat
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please dont tell me they do apopmewtis as well....

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I love how the twins just pop into existence their expressions are like, "What world just happened?! " XD There beady little eyes look so cute tbh. Idk if it's just me, but I can either imagine Mama Mew thinking "Oh score, I have twins now!" Or " Welcome to the world my beautiful children! Or both.

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TC-96Professional Digital Artist

“Hmm pregnant..”


”no more pregnant!”

babies: ah?

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Mew doesn't talk in a human sense and yet I can totally imagine her saying that. XD

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Mew-tosis? That could be one of mine....

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Mew: Quick! Let's group hug our son!
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Twins time!
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SmugLookingBarrelHobbyist Writer
I mean, it makes about as much sense as a skitty and a wailord breeding and laying eggs. 
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TC-96Professional Digital Artist
exactly XD pokemon are weird 
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SmugLookingBarrelHobbyist Writer
And the Day-care workers have got to be the dumbest, most oblivious people on the planet

"We were raising your pokemon, and my goodness, we were surprised.
Your pokemon had an egg!
We don't know how it got there, but your pokemon had it
You do want it, don't you?"

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I see it more as them saying (in some cases) "That is a Skitty on a Wailord. I'm not looking farther into this."

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SmugLookingBarrelHobbyist Writer
Yeah, and I imagine they do that when a Chansey hatches out of an egg, holding an egg. 

Or when a Kangaskan hatches out of an egg, holding its child. 

Or when a cubone hatches out of an egg wearing its mothers' skull. 
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TC-96Professional Digital Artist
I know right?? XD all these years and neither professors nor breeders...breeders have even a clue how Pokemon produce eggs, not a single one thought of observing the process. I don't know why they have the title if they're just going to sit there twiddling their thumbs until they look over their shoulder and be like "'s an egg beside the two pokemon...weird." 
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It would be funny if breeders are always trying to watch the process but every time its about to happen something occurs and they look away for a split second and when they turn back the egg is just there.

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skydow16 General Artist

Awww they're so small and cute! Their eyes! I wanna cuddle them!

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Bruce04Hobbyist Traditional Artist
NANI, what sort of mew-tation is this?! SORCERY! WITCHCRAFT!
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This is the best thing that I have seen all day. Seriously. THANK YOU.

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TC-96Professional Digital Artist
you've been blessed with baby twos 
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