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Mew is the best mom

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well oops, that wasn’t really supposed to happen

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AnimeGeekOrNerdHobbyist Traditional Artist

Mew: "... oh."

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twistedcandycaneStudent Digital Artist

Bet mew is thinking "Well crap".

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Newtwo: What do you know, it’s still hot leaf water. I feel so much healthier.
Iroh: How can a member of my own family say something so horrible.
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mew: .....well, this gonna get worse before it gets better

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dragonkingeeveeNew Deviant

Will ash’s mom make or get newtwo a Banda like mewtwo or something different

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dragonkingeeveeNew Deviant

Cry me a river that’s a new one to me

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LOL They're sibling arguing is on point!!

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MetaLatias5Hobbyist General Artist

Newtwo, after coming down from the Poké-nip: "Oh yeah, tea is SUPER healthy, who doesn't feel healthier with a booming headache from diving into a wall.."

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TC-96Professional Digital Artist

Mewtwo: yes yes, you've only told me this a dozen times, I get it

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mew: Mew(still sorry about that, its target was mewtwo, not you)

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I feel like your having a bit too much fun with these sorts of comic dubs...


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"Cry mea river" XD Why am I laughing at that?

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Uh oh! I wonder what Newtwo is like on catnip...

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This setup TC's previous post

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That last look on mew's face is "oh shit..."

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WilyWyvernProfessional General Artist


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Mew? Don't drug your babies. You aren't supposed to do that.

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Mew’s face just screams, ‘oh... fuck.’

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mewx2Hobbyist Digital Artist
So Mewtwo is the one Ash saw in the first movie, and Newtwo is the one he saw in genesect and the legend awakened
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TC-96Professional Digital Artist


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Welp, that was an unfortunate sort of events. lol.

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Galaxy-hubHobbyist Artist

New said the same thing that Zuko said to Iroh about tea

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LeviaStar237Hobbyist General Artist

Oh no. :XD: That's great. :rofl:

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