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Mega Momtwo

next batch of tumblr answers 

top was a continuation of the ebil genius Huey comics……
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what's hueys favorite thing to do to annoy mewtwo besides teleporting

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"why is he purple?! is he sick?"

MichaelJohnMorris's avatar

I love seeing Mamatwo laugh. XD

irkengemninja's avatar

guess newtwo must be in a mood eh

Bean in the first sequence: "WHEEE!" That there is the face of someone who has no fear.

haruau's avatar

I know! He just looks so cute there!

vanitas50's avatar

he says that he'll put him outside like mew wouldn't teleport him back in and proceed to put him in a time out bubble. Or y'know, newtwo. I see New really likes her guts, she's doing her best to keep from busting them

RuthieDragonite727's avatar

What would mega Huey look like?

SaurusRock625's avatar

Mewtwo and Mamatwo pulled a Blanka! They absorbed so much chlorophyll that they turned permanently green like plants!

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I never knew Huey was a shiny! WHY ARE SO MANY SHINIES GREEN?!

shadowumbreon75's avatar

because...they’re shiny💚✨💚

bobshmit13's avatar

I guess green is a color easy to make shiny?

HaidarTheKnight54's avatar
I was wondering what was Momma Two laughing about and then when I read the top question, this:… and it's sequel immediately click into my head.😆😆😆
haruau's avatar

Huey’s face when he’s being given back to newtwo always makes me smile seeing it. :)

Looks like mewtwo learned how to feel,that's nice! :3

SparrowWrightheart's avatar

Adult Huey found his soul drink! Soda. XD That's cute.

TC-96's avatar

chocolate milk actually XD

SaurusRock625's avatar

Wait, is Adult Huey drinking chocolate milk? Or is that root beer?

TC-96's avatar

chocolate milk

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Another front page win. Also this kid can find something fun about any situation.

the last panal is tripping me out.

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