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Mega Mew Punch

Now we know
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Granmew...PAWNCH!!!!! XD

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“Perfect scream cut”


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Now we know not to provoke Mew when it comes to comparing punching power....

ONE PUNCH!!!!!!!

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mew: comes at him *

mewtwo :(ah yes let the pain wash over my body ad push away my happynes nobody will ever know how i truely feel )

GEAR THIRDDD (am I the only person who thinks about this?)

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That is hilarious and frightening at the same time! Although your previous post really puts this fight in perspective. Would Mew feel like a parent to these clones at first, or would she feel grief and anger at them for the loss of her children? Obviously the scientists were the ones who did it, but to see the reminder right in front of you, and to have that reminder want to fight you to prove that they are better than you?! How would one respond?

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I bet someone else has said this already, but it looks like we got One Punch Mew here.

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He's like I'mma show who's better
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Now at this point TC-96 my top favorite deviant artist that knows how to make people laugh and trying to be wholesome at the same time I also I mean it! ^w^ (Mostly cause TC’s work helped me in these trying times, besides Memes)

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aw thanks XD

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You’re welcome ^v^

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I bet Mewtwo's reaction would've been priceless xD

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What’s the special that picture is from

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it's a japanese special that was essentially a clip show that only aired once

Mecha-Togekiss's avatar

Do you know the name of it

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I'd have to look it up but I don't think it can be found anywhere

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And here I was thinking it was a still of Mew collecting the Infinity Stones. XD

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We can only imagine the look on Mewtwo's face.

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