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Lightning is rude

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Riolu just trying to defeat Mewtwo and the lightning rudely interrupts 

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the one thing they agree on, they hate lightning

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Lightnings are a force of the nature, but is completely different from the others

It doesn't make differences between allies and enemies, it burns everything it touches, and scares even the skies, making into a flash of light and dissapearing

Strong eletric pokemons can barely hold with a powerful lightning.

I don't know why Arceus made something like that

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Kodimarto Filmographer

I just love their freaked out expressions. :D

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dragonkingeeveeNew Deviant

At least they have something in common

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MichaelJohnMorrisProfessional Digital Artist

AWW!! ^^

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Thunderus is trolling Mew and Riolu lel

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would make sense, considering thunder's accuracy

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CrazygirlAuto5Hobbyist Writer

Hahahahaha! Maybe he is. :)

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When Kris Asks if You Slept With Toriel

(Is the only perhaps meme I could find bruh xD)

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:aww: Poor guys!

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"I would have defeated him, if we hadn't been interrupted by the lightning!"

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Jajajajaja it’s very funn, specially the second panel xD

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Reminds me of Tails from the Sonic OVA.
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Honestly, I’d say Mewtwo’s first thought was that a legendary had finally tracked him down from that whole “destroy the world” plan.

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so both are scared of thunder? cute

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CrazygirlAuto5Hobbyist Writer

Oh, my goodness, their faces. XD

Still, I totally feel for them. When thunder booms that loudly from a lightning strike, it can be frightening.

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Raikou is such a troll XD

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Drift01Hobbyist Digital Artist

Lighting seems to know just the right time to strike

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NineTailWyndfoxStudent General Artist

Wow! Didn't think young Riolu would get so scared that he would do a mid-air cartwheel like he was in some kind of cartoon.

...oh, wait...

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Seriously Raikou... Was that really necessary?

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Thunder is ruder. LOL! This is great. Thanks for the laugh!
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lol they finally have a subject they can relate on!! Fear of thunder and lightening!!

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Awwww this is so cute!!! I love this!!
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I almost want Mewtwo to be saying that's not how you do Seismic Toss before the lightning strikes.

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