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Interlopers - Page 56 :By Cocothemunchkin:

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whait.- is that a meme reference the chara face in the last panels? xD

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very very smart

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AverageJoeGamingHobbyist Digital Artist

Oh also as a side note I'm expecting the chocolate to be Chara's proof. <3

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AverageJoeGamingHobbyist Digital Artist

Just found this whole interlopers thing and its amazing! I'm new to the Undertale fandom and that means there is a huge backlog of incredible work like this and I'm loving every bit. Keep up the awesome progress!

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InspetorGambiarraHobbyist Digital Artist

Buddy: You'll have to prove that you dont hate me

Chara: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Me: I don't like where this is going.

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Xena-moon26Hobbyist Digital Artist


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FaravusGamingHobbyist Writer

Chara... What are you planning this time? =)

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SpaceziiiStudent Digital Artist

All those chara faces would be good emotes lmao

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all y'all speculatin on what this means, and i'm just thinkin that "thinking chara face" would make a damn good emote

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YawntyProfessional Digital Artist

All you nerds in these comments have your hopes far too high xD

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Jk1illi0nNew Deviant


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Jk1illi0nNew Deviant
Yeah true, It’s still a bit too early for a kiss.. But come on I atleast want them too hug, they both desperately need a hug q~q
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DreamBigForeverNew Deviant


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Yes, they do

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JackElNewmanHobbyist Writer

The genderless aspect of Character is really well made in this page

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You Need a theraphy chara 😆
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twilightvoid12Hobbyist Artist

I can feel a kiss incoming and I am not sure how I feel about it, but I support chara and buddy....I GUESS????!!!!!???

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XftieFranieNew Deviant

They're gonna share chocolates, aren't they? Or probably the locket? I mean, it's a bit too soon for them to KISS literally after killing someone's hate (that was probably thousands). Although I ship them, I'd like them to stay friends and for me, kissing is a bit way too fast and soon.

You can have your own oppinion I'm just sharing mine. .w.

Great job on this page by the way! ;3

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Nah, I also figured chocolate.

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AnD tHeN tHeY kIsS

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Those last nine panels are an entire story on their own.

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Chara has an idea...

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