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Interlopers - Page 55 :By IdeyaEngine:

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artwork by IdeyaEngine
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Can we just appreciate how pretty the art style is? Also them sitting before sunset next to each other makes me think that ilInterlopers is a love story

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desiredmamoth546999Student General Artist

too bad thats the last animation

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superbloxian502Student Artist

Nice little comic there art style's pretty cool to.

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DreamBigForeverNew Deviant

Hate could be sentient?? Welp, never knew that actually exists. Learning so many things now lol

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XFireMHDevHobbyist Artist

Sentient hate? So chara is a problem even though they are trying to turn a new leaf. oh well. Can't win them all I guess.

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EABomb01Hobbyist Traditional Artist

Sentient hate. I never thought about it before.

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I'm still baffled by the fact that

This comic started from a project,featuring the most absurd crossover ever,had it's own animation and it's still going forward XD

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Thank you B)

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Never underestimate hatred.

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Art-in-heart4vaStudent Filmographer

oh? they not fight then?

chara sure like Buddy huh

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so now it's someone else's turn to hitch a ride on him...

awesome comic!

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hatred can be a lot of things. it can be an annoying presence in the back of your mind or it can be a blindfold around your eyes. it can be a mild annoyance or an inferno grazing others around you. it can be an easily pushed aside feeling or a bull that you don't know how to quell until the damage is already done.

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RexiMlsHobbyist Digital Artist

Surface. . .

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ItsallaboutM3Hobbyist Traditional Artist

Why do I still read this, even though I know not, exactly, what's going on?

(Please do not tell me, I wish not to know)

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crimsongrainHobbyist Writer

So much blood, so much pain...

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I have lost a son again...
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crimsongrainHobbyist Writer

Oh Dear child I'm Sorry...

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MegaFox1Student Traditional Artist
one day soon
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I shall bring...
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jjarsHobbyist Writer

Also probably of note, that was not just one Chara's HATE. That was literally every other version of Chara that ever could exist...and these two slaughtered them all. Hot D*MN!

...So hopefully there won't be a repeat of that incident.

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jjarsHobbyist Writer

Reaffirming the power of trust with a big glowing knife and fireballs

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