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Hello Kion

Who's to say Mufasa isn't the only one that can visit Kion

Kion has always been worried about being just like Scar, and has always been careful with his roar. However, what if one day he had accidentally hurt someone when he used it? Kion is then plagued with guilt and has refused to use it again, and at night he has had nightmares about Scar, tempting him to use the roar for power, and telling him that it's inevitable that he will end up just like him 
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Scar i swear if u hurt da child, I will just tell everyone u have a crush on da strange lion UvU

TLGLOBAHTLK12xX's avatar

to me hes gay so no one is changing my mind

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I kinda wish they went with this route. I mean,. don't get me wrong, the way they did Scar's ghost was amazing, but it would've been better, and dare I say, more impacting if Scar was naturally a ghost after his death, full body, and instead of being an actual threat, he'd be internally torturing Kion, and eventually convincing him to turn off the straight and narrow. Heck, maybe it would start an anti-villain plot-line for Kion, but Kion would realize who he truly is, and reject Scar's legacy. It would've been a lot more compelling than a giant immobile fire head whose only goal is to burn down the country with the help of a bunch of starving animals.

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Scar: Hello from the other siiiiiiiiiiide

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Kion will never turn evil!

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Kion! Don't do it! We believe in you. (LOL)

EmixSpleefART's avatar

Watch out Kion! Scar is behind you!!!

Todthewolf's avatar

Wtf... HELLO!? who the fuck is that other lion?!?!?! :ohnoes: :meow: :dummy:

CX-17's avatar

A young scar when he lead the previous lion guard.

UnnamedWatcher's avatar

My question exactly! Who is he????

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Omg I just saw this artwork..are you watching the newest season of TLG?? You predicted it so well!
Gelefant's avatar
It's like you predicted the future.
Haradion's avatar
I still keep coming back to this one. Its so good.
CameoFiasco's avatar
Kion Remember who you are
Alfazil's avatar
This looks amazing.
RazzleDizzle's avatar
Awww, Kion is so cute! Love this!
Leopard897's avatar
I feel like this is what The Lion Guard would be if it was made for the same audience as the original film
kionGoSee's avatar

So do I. I honestly believe the show is handicapped in terms of mature storytelling because well, its aimed towards kids.

UnnamedWatcher's avatar

Yeah, if only Disney had a dark side story section...on the other hand, if they did, all the kids would want to see what happened next on the Lion Guard, and then their parents would sue Disney. (At least, that's my take on it)

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MY Crossover:
Rocket Racer: SCAR??? how, how could this happen?
Kion: Rocket Racer. Listen to me! You're a best racer in the Pride Lands.
Rocket Racer: I hate you Scar! YOU Killed Mufasa?
Evil Kion: Racer!
Rocket Racer: Evil Kion.
(SLAPS Evil Kion:slap: revamp  )
Scar: I Will kill this racer.
Rocket Racer: SFX Shing. (Very sharp
 knife out of his Sword thing)
Scar: You're Useless sore cheater!
To be continuedRed exclamation mark with white outline 
UnnamedWatcher's avatar

I'm sorry, but you lost me at Rocket Racer. Who is he?

Anthone795's avatar
Hey you should add the part that says 

Scar: Ha ha ha you fell for my trap brilliantly Kion. 

Kion: What is that some kind of joke? 

Scar: Yes because you and your friends are going to die and there's nothing you can do about it.

Kion: You're not going to get away with this Scar. 

Scar: Oh but I am. 
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