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Force Paw

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Mew wasn’t impressed
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Cupidcomet77Hobbyist Writer

Has Mew ever put Ash or Pikachu in the dreaded "Timeout Bubble"?

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wasfight17Hobbyist Filmographer

i dont know why he hates him.

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TC-96Professional Digital Artist

Mewtwo has a scary aura to him

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wasfight17Hobbyist Filmographer

Mewtwo had always been scary. I guess the little guy fearful of him.

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It was at this moment riolu realized, he messed up

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HoneyPupDragonHobbyist Digital Artist

Dat boi must get bubbled a lot

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Kodimarto Filmographer

Hilarious. :D

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Newtwo's expression: "That kid..."

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Zalia13Hobbyist General Artist
Although it probably hurt, at least it wasn't super effective on Mewtwo.
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TC-96Professional Digital Artist

yep lol

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FabikatchukohHobbyist Traditional Artist
Timeout bubble
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dragonkingeeveeNew Deviant

i would ask how riolu was causing so much damage to mewtwo (because psychic is good against fighting) but then I remembered the element of surprises so riolu is probably just catching him of guard

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TC-96Professional Digital Artist

yep, fighting moves might not be super effective but numerous punches to the stomach is still going to hurt XD

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dragonkingeeveeNew Deviant


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a totally missed opportunity to put the 'menacing' effect around mew

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Sorry Riolu, those are the rules. Either you play nice, or you get bubble jail.

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Dracoknight545Hobbyist Artist

Riolu is their adopted little brother to Mewtwo and Newtwo, like his big sister Newtwo but dislikes his big brother Mewtwo while Mama Mew acts like a peacemaker between all of them.

Also I'm curious how would Delia react to seeing Newtwo or what about his past traveling companionlike Misty, Brock, Serena, and Dawn and especially Goh (Considering his goal is to be Mew's trainer) to name a few seeing Ash with Mew, Mewtwo, and Newtwo living with him now?

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mewtwo looking like: "yeah, serves you right, you little *indistinct grumbling*"

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TC-96Professional Digital Artist

Yep lol

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Riolu = Frisk during a genocide run

Mew = Sans

*You hear Megalovania start to play.*

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(First Panel with Mew)

Mew: Mew? (what are you doing?)

Riolu: Rio? (What am I doing?)

Mew: Mew? (Hurting my Child?)

Riolu: Ri? (Hurting your Child?)

Mew: Mew, Mew? (Are you?)

Riolu: ...Ri? (...No?)

(Second Panel with Mew)

Mew: ...Mew! (...I´ll put you into Timeout!)

Riolu: RI- (NO, WAI-)

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that a total DBZA thing right there. XD

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Getting a real "Do you feel in charge?" vibe from Mew there XD

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Zackman92Hobbyist General Artist
Rider Punch!!!
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