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What’s this? Random strange flowers making Newtwo feel odd?

People on Tumblr will probably have a right guess on what I'm planning, whereas you guys are probably just going to be confused, so have fun XD

next part

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LucarioCookieNew Deviant

This makes no sence???

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TC-96Professional Digital Artist


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KikiO3000Hobbyist Artist

Aw, so New's gonna be a blood mom AND adoptive mom! Cool! I thought those flowers activated a memory of her, her mom, and her brother in the past or something.

OOH, I was right with the memory activation!!

Mysterious Illness
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SanlurisHobbyist General Artist

I just got on Tumblr recently. I thought I had an account already but Tumblr wasn't accepting it. Hadn't been that long since I made it but anyway...I asked a question with the new account. Hope I did it right and it wasn't too long! It'll be fun to follow your art on Tumblr too.

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I just noticed: There are still two flowers that Mewtwo could see blooming. :3

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I'm among the confused and eager to find out what is happening to Newtwo! I also gushed over the cuteness between the baby and mama!

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Drift01Hobbyist Digital Artist

the power of the flowers

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HarleytheShinyEeveeStudent Writer
for those who don't know the answer to this
newtwo+special flower=mama newtwo possibly as it will make her pregnant
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KikiO3000Hobbyist Artist

Oh, cool!

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TheGreenDomeHobbyist General Artist

so the flower makes her pregant?

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OOFMFHobbyist General Artist

Looks like a Shaymin flower

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I forgot that Delia had a Mr Mime! It's a good helper :)

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In which case New makes the mistake of being motherly at the exact wrong (Or right?) time

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Haha..... Riolu is being New’s pikachu

also memeory time (I bet)

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Jeremy-The-GuyNew Deviant

Delia's such a saint :love:

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Seams Delia just saw a Mewtwo and not the different skin tone

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TC-96Professional Digital Artist

they're both still referred to as "Mewtwo"

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pokediginutStudent Writer

You are so not doing what I think your planning are ya. . . .

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TC-96Professional Digital Artist


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pokediginutStudent Writer

Oh my god you are!!

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JadeRavenwingStudent Digital Artist

After looking at the tumblr post, I'm gonna guess that the flowers can turn into a mew if given the right energy by an adult.

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I hope its called that in English too...

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Ugh, people, you don't get it? Reeeeeeally don't get it? Mewtwo looking at this rare plant? No?


Well me neither... Hope we get an answer soon.

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Oh, boy, am I right in assuming that that flower carries a sort of plot significance? Maybe it was part of his past or even his original creation? What if it causes him to turn evil again?

This could be the best you've done yet.

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