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Endertale - Page 27

This has to be the most out of character I've ever written Sans, he's actually telling someone one of his biggest secrets

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Shouldn't it show LV 19 instead of LV 20 if Frisk never finished the Genocide Route?

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this Is the timeline where frisk was in a pacifist run, in the genocide run he made it all the way to Flowey

200IQ moment from sans

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Now i think bout it, Monsters dont bleed right? When Frisk stab (maybe sliced) Sans he bleed. But why did he bleed, and how?

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Could have been ketchup lol

but technically bones bleed, that’s where blood is made

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YEEESSSS figure it out figure it out

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the mettaton poster is a song cover

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Wait, so your version of Sans does remember the resets? Or am I just being dumb-
Sans, Frisk, Chara and flowey (and possibly Gaster) are only persons who know about RESET:s

but to remember? sans could only dream.

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In undertale sans always remembered the past timelines. So it’s cannon
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It's not so much he remembers them as he's just aware of their existence. When you fight him, he accuses you of resetting timelines, not because he remembers them, but because "our reports showed a massive anomaly in the timespace continuum." Essentially, he doesn't remember them, he's just scientifically proven their existence.
Actually, he does have a few glimpses of memories of the past timeline, like a deja vu.
Like when he gives you the option to SPARE him, he talks about the pacifist timeline
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Well yeah. I made that comment months ago.

I get how it works now. Thanks for the explanation though. I’m sure it well help others into understanding the lore.
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FINALLY SANS hehehehehehe
... I can't remember, do you get LV 20 after you kill sans or you never do?
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When you kill Sans, your LV automatically jumps to 20. He doesn't even have an EXP amount assigned to him.
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I love how you managed to nail everyone's personalities on the head, and the series humor is amazing!
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I'm definetly gonna dub this!
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'spilling my guts' highlighted in yellow. Ack! 

But I'd like to ask...this sudden change in the dialogue/text style...what's going on? Was it a personal preference? For those who may be colour blind? Or perhaps there's a deeper meaning//has something to do with the story/plot? 
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