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so that's a bit of a big reveal...DETERMINATION is a funny thing

Ok, so I best give a briefing on this part before people scream at me how this shouldn't be possible, but I gave this a lot of thought, besides, it's only my interpretation so I'll try to explain the best I can.

Asriel returned in the game with the power of seven souls, but the Asriel that came back wasn't him, not really. It was Flowey that craved to be the most powerful being alive, and Asriel said he was finally in his TRUE form, but that form was the Absolute God of Hyperdeath, not Asriel Dreemurr. It was Frisk's compassion and DETERMINATION that helped bring his true self back. That's why I don't think he really needs seven souls, all they did was make him delusional and mad with power. So what if he was given a soul when he was still Asriel, sitting in that flowerbed in the Ruins? Or even..half a soul? After all, even one -half of a human soul is still pretty powerful. Of course there's more to all this...but that's to be revealed some other time

And I really suck at explaining things...

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