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Coco - guitaring intensifies

Has anyone done this yet?

after all both of them have the same name inspired by The Road to El Dorado 
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This should be a meme, good job

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We live in an alternate universe where everything is the same except Pixar does hand-drawn animation. Hector thumbs up

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LOL! I have seen both movies btw! This is amazing!

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The Road to the Land of the Dead

*Jontron voice* THATS NOT MARIACHI
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Not this Yaoi Sex-Toy again🤦🏻‍♂️
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What are you on about? O.o

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Don't ask me, ask those SJW Fujoshis
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I was wasting my Time Here, telling this random person that this Fucking Mexican Pussywillow called Miguel wants to Rape Hiro from Big Hero 6 is like teaching that Annoying Magical Girl Sakura Kinomoto how a BeyBlade Works!
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Clearly you are as you sound very Disturbed, my dude

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man shippers can get so weird

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Ha! I knew that expression looked familiar! Great job! Both Miguels are precious

I miss that movie. (Road to El Dorado. I've never actually seen coco)

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Hector has the loaded dice, of course.
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Of course, Miguel is just playing the crowd

and then Imelda found out what they were doing and killed them both 
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Would Cortez be De la Cruz; the big guy who ends up with nothing? Or would he be Tzekel-Kan; the beloved priest that has his adoring populace stripped from him?
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I really feel our forgotten skeleton lad should also be with him there
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