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Cheese Round 2

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he was never seen again

New got some free cheese

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ThePinkSheep1Hobbyist Traditional Artist

*insert run meme here*

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Eh, that's your reaction to everything!

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The two different types of cats
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Oh he's a dead man XD

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Well looks like the others go through the Cheese Test, Newtwo Surprised but tolerated it, Mewtwo, Surprised and now intending to use Shadow Ball on Ash, these are always entertaining to watch, continue doing a wonderful job, i look forward to much more.

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Of course Mewtwo, once calm, will feel VERY guilty if he actually destroys Ash...

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silvernight2018Hobbyist Digital Artist
this really defines their personalities
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Zanekirby3611New Deviant

Ash the cheese bandit

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highnoon112358New Deviant

I wonder if the mews and the new have any scratching posts?

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I just imagined them looking at a cat tower that some skitties are on and being like '...yeah, no.'

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TC-96Professional Digital Artist

they don't really have claws to sharpen

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highnoon112358New Deviant

cats also use scratching posts to stretch

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TheronyHobbyist Writer

*looks at the Published date* WHY DID YOU NOT TELL ME ABOUT THIS DA!? Ahem!

"Here at Ketchum Science, we do what we must because we can."

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KikiO3000Hobbyist Artist

LOL, poor Ashsenpai is gone now. Newtwo got food, XD.

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Kodimarto Filmographer

And he's dead. :D

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I like how ash constantly be making newtwo question life....I also feel like he knew what was in store when he went to mewtwo, he just did what he always does with legendaries.... YOLO's it

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pokediginutStudent Writer

I eat cheese slices like that too

Wow though Ash really does have a death wish I mean he did that knowing full well what was gonna happen

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LeviaStar237Hobbyist General Artist

XD Newtwo is still trying to get used to things... Meanwhile Mewtwo is having none of it! :rofl:

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fillia26651Hobbyist Writer

Omg lol, I love how New just decides "This is fine" and starts eating the cheese.

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lordsiravantHobbyist General Artist

After everything Ash has been through, that kid can no longer comprehend the concept of death.

Also Mewtwo needs anger management.

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mewtwo : i manage my anger very well with my shadowballs!

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lordsiravantHobbyist General Artist

Mewtwo, that is not how you keep the child alive.

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Silv3rS4nsHobbyist Artist
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mewx2Hobbyist Digital Artist
*With Mewtwo* Ash, you didn't think this through 😂 When Mewtwo gets you ohhh...
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