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Cat Tunnels

Mewtwo doesn’t see the appeal
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Pfft mewtwo's to big for it

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M1 Mewtwo doesn't understand cat tunnels, and (one of) my Mewtwo doesn't understand playing fetch. :rofl:

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Maybe get a bigger one for mewtwo

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wait those are for cats?! my brother and i played in those things all the time as little kiddos.

TC-96's avatar

there are tunnels for kids and for cats

Thalassophoneus's avatar

They aren't very different actually.

DaDjinjaSayn's avatar

ah, good. for a second there I thought that mom and dad bought one of our favorite pastimes at the pet store. lol

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It's fun for everyone watching! :lol:

Has Mewtwo ever played Uno? Or any other card game? What about a board game? Chess

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uuuumm A for effort?
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Just get him a dog tunnel they make for agility and then he should figure it out... and also fit though. If a Husky can run though it, Mewtwo can go through a big one too.

Yes! Mewtwo would look so cute searching a big tunnel like a cat! Awww

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They should make a big one for him! One that’s like a water slide! Or just a regular slide.
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I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw the last panel XD
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Mewtwo reminds me of my cat. His name is bear and he's huge (including his fur) and sticks his head in everything although he gets his head stuck in paper bags more than cat tunnels
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amazing.  I like the irony!
VisualArchitect69's avatar
Mew is that small cute and cocky cat, while Mewtwo is that chonky cuddly cat
TC-96's avatar
both are adorable and round XD
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Mewtwo, you are too big for the regular sized cat tunnel!  I'm pretty sure that Delia or Ash can buy you a Persian (Big cat sized) cat tunnel for you to play in.  :)
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he needs a bigger one
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Everything is better when your small :heart:
So precious <3
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XDD Oh my word that was CUTE!!!
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