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Bunnyfrisk - Y tho

By TC-96
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...yeah it was a tag thing on Tumblr =w=
happy easter!
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WonkywonkersHobbyist Digital Artist
This makes me hungry
Cuz my OC's a direwolf
And u know what happens to bunnies when there r wolves
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I have a bunny OC and I used this as my base. If I ever post it (which I most likely won't because it's not good) I will be sure to give you da credit
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RedFoxWar10Hobbyist Writer
This completes me
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jadepaw12Hobbyist General Artist
I have never been more happy in my life
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TopHatBigPencilHobbyist General Artist
(laughing intensifies)
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I always pegged Frisk as a capybara. able to make friends among many animals...and has the same face! -.-
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Z-GirlStudiosHobbyist Artist
So cute!
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MagicalNinjaGirlStudent Traditional Artist
XD I'm incredibly lazy to and want to weep so I got you sister or brother? XD friend! XD have a great day don't over work your self!! 
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Aww, I like bunny Frisk! :3
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Fran200218Hobbyist Traditional Artist
ok so exept for the eyes, it's just a lil' bunny
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clarikthekingStudent Artist
i just realized how great it would be if carrottale existed
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What's stopping it from existing?
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clarikthekingStudent Artist
budget cuts
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Oh, um what do u mean
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clarikthekingStudent Artist
oh that was supposed to be a joke
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JustaMereArtistHobbyist Artist
Cute~ Love 
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*Frisk is filled with patience toward teh artists*
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And "vegan" to weep

heh heh
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GregJonsonStudent Artist
Papyroos iz med 
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ZickehhStudent Digital Artist
thats a good one
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Nemesisprime91Student Writer
Eh, needed you in character for Fluffytale.
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LoveLast122Hobbyist General Artist
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