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Boku No Hero Academia - Busted
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Published: March 15, 2019
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obligatory “insert OC into storyline somehow” comic :B

in all seriousness this is most likely how Kaede would accidentally learn All Might’s secret, what can I say she really knows how to break the ice

they’ll bond in the recovery clinic


For those who don't know, this is my MHA OC for fun, Kaze Kaede

her quirk is Gust, she makes gusts of wind, uses it to make air cushions, attacks, throw enemies off balance and with a flight suit she can fly (a lot like airbending let’s face it) though not nearly to the extent as Inasa Yoarashi, she wants to be a search and rescue hero like Thirteen but is also inspired by All Might with how he makes everyone feel safe when he arrives

Kaede has a big problem though, her bones are practically hollow like a bird’s so it’s really easy for her to break them and her family doesn’t want her to be a hero, not out of spite, they’re just really over protective so she actually attends UA in secret so to speak

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Her arm broke.
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ShisutomuLuxrayHobbyist Traditional Artist

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That your Oc?
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She’s adorable!!! >w< 
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I'm wondering why she got stuck in that tree if Izuku and Toshinori/All Might had to leave class right away. (Basically class would be in session and it would take at least an hour or two for Toshi to turn back.)
Was she rushing to school or running late and trying to use her quirk to get there?
(I'm literally just guessing :3)
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TC-96Student Digital Artist
she was practicing her quirk and got herself stuck in a tree 
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natethegreat476Student Traditional Artist
I really want to know what happens after this. XD

So was this before All Might loses his powers for good?
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I would like to see more UwU
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I'd love to see more of this character! Also, ow.
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What do you mean by "she actually attends UA in secret"?
That they don't know that she was admitted to the Pro-Heroes course?
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TC-96Student Digital Artist
Her dad knows (doesn’t care) her mom would burst a blood vessel if she knew
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How did she not let her parents find out?

Let's say that her parents didn't see the admission ticket: but during the sports festival Mic could mention at least once that she comes from the Heroes course; and what excuse will she bring up for the woods trip, especially if her parents were called following the League of the Supervillains attack?

Not to mention Aizawa and All Might who go to explain the idea of the dorm, mentioning casually that she is attending the course for Heroes.
IT's DEFINITELY IMPOSSIBLE to HIDE such a thing from your family!
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purrykitty133Hobbyist Artist
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BatCatIsTrueMasterStudent Digital Artist
is it a bird? a plane? nope, its an idiot.
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LesliethehedgehogStudent General Artist
thats pretty cool
to have that type of quirk owo 
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theragecrazy123Hobbyist Filmographer
*Screamings in her head* XD
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Not much of a secret now. More importantly someone needs Recovery girl STAT!
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ShadowDragon203 Digital Artist
I read so much manga that when I re-read this I read it right to left xDD
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GreenbookReclaimHobbyist Photographer
Lol, same here
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ChaoFlakaaStudent Filmographer
I love her already
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DaisyGirl3000Hobbyist General Artist
Wow, very nice! I like the thought you put into her quirk and weakness ~
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EnderMario8822Student Artist
*drinks milk* he requires calcium
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