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ok but he won’t get it 
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he's like "I am Confusion

Last panel he's like "Dafuq?!"

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Mewtwo’s face tho XD

that last scene with mewtwo gives me life xD

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he'll see the appeal of blepping eventually, just give him time.

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Mewtwo: I don’t get theses pokemon

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What is a 'Blep'? I don't get it either.

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it's a term people say when a cat has their tongue sticking out a bit

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Its not just cats though, Others do it

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that is the most *sniff* cutest thing i have ever seen!!
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Yeah it is really rocket science to have fun Mewtwo XD
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Mewtwo's confused face was amazing loved it!

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his face at the end though XD

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I like how Mew-Two's thought bubble is elaborate, complex, mathematical equations!
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and even he couldn't figure this one out 
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This was made on my birthday

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Speaking of bleps
does Mew groom itself like a cat
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