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Blanket Fort

By TC-96
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Blanket Forts save lives. she’s having a tougher time getting sleep so it’s much appreciated. Ash doesn't actually know why she's sick but of course he wants to help 
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The way they both present the blanket form in a "ta-da!" fashion looks like it came straight out of the anime~ XD

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Instincts always say to find a safe and enclosed area for giving birth in. Ash may know little, but he understands a lot.

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You are so good with the facial expressions.

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TC-96Professional Digital Artist


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KikiO3000Hobbyist Artist

Aw! :3 So cute and sweet, those two/that duo!

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Kodimarto Filmographer


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newtwo in that 2nd to last panel: l have misjudged this child. Clearly, he is the savior to the whole poke race...

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Anyone who says Ash isn't a cat person... i respectfully disagree with your opinion and submit the above evidence.

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oh my god ash and pikachu are literally the best kind of friends
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MichaelJohnMorrisProfessional Digital Artist


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Drift01Hobbyist Digital Artist

super cute

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this is wholesome

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Tenshineko01Hobbyist General Artist
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Those lamps will break
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WolvesDancer93Hobbyist General Artist

Oh good! NewTwo has a whelping box...tent...whatever X3

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A baby-having hidey-hole.

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Yu-NaluStudent Artist

Bless this boy

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Again, I can only imagine how Ash's friends would react to this. He just casually builds a tent/fort for a powerful legendary.

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LiterarySerenityHobbyist Writer

And now Newtwo has a nest. ^_^

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AP-DCHobbyist Digital Artist

Since 1998 I am one of those rare and strange "Firstshipping" Fans (Mewtwo x Ash).

This is not exactly that, but nevertheless a sweet series! Great job :)

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Blanket forts saved my dog from a nuclear bomb

D'aww, ash is so sweet

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coompfy couch


coozy campsite.

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