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Before they reunited


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now you know after all this time :v dun dun duuuun

(biig help from pose dolls again XD)
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As promised, here’s my overanalysis on the page here. Ahem…

This kinda opens new possibilities for any dark Mewtwo storylines you’re go good at writing if that “Mew’s babies” arc was anything to go by. Mega Evolved Pokémon seem like the only Pokémon powerful enough to put up enough of a fight to base form Mewtwo, and having hunters use that Pokémon bond power just makes things more heinous from Mewtwo’s perspective.

No doubt the Genetic Pokémon probably heard about Mega Evolution by this point, albeit not coming across its own Key Stone and Mega Stone yet, so it knows that the bond between Trainer and Pokémon—which Ash taught Mewtwo on New Island that such a thing DOES exist—is integral to Mega Evolution’s activation. However, with such a power being harnessed by black-hearted humans like these hunters, Alva with his Mega Wave technology in movie 19, and even a Team Rocket member in the Alola saga’s Necrozma arc, I’m sure the new perspective Ash gave Mewtwo on humanity and it’s relationship with Pokémon might get challenged even further. Good thing Ash and Pikachu found it in the first place and brought it home for a better life.

Now as for those hunters…I’m wondering how that DNA blood sample is gonna play into all this. Was it used to make Newtwo along with the second stolen Mew embryo? Will it make a third, truly weaponized Mewtwo our heroes might face? Or even worse…what if it had something to do with Huey’s birth, in addition to that flower Delia had in her garden?

Whatever happens, I believe this comic is going great places. Keep up the great work!

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now you do share some good theory with us...However, that's not the truth. We still need to determine who created Newtwo and for what purpose.

We know that they have Mewtwo’s DNA and we know that without a Mew baby or Mewtwo baby they cannot make a Mewtwo but they could try making a Psychic type stronger by using the DNA of Mewtwo in hope of it’s phychic prowess would be passed on to the baby

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Dark types. Smart..

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So... is that blood sample a new plot point? Is there a new sibling that's going to show up?

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we'll have to wait and see

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... This reply does not fill me with confidence. I will remember this day, the last day of September, with TC told me something evasive and vague about the fate of that one 'random' blood sample. XD

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TC already hinted at a 'daughter' for Mewtwo. Well, well-

If Jurassic Park has taught me anything, when someone wants a creatures DNA, it usually isn't a good thing, especially when they want to create a weaponized creature.

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good thing the mewtwos don't prey on humans and eat them XD

Good koncept for detective pikachu 2

That would be legit terrifying if they did lol.

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Mewtwo had his own (hashtag)mewtwo moment. :(

...Is that how Pidge came to be?

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My guess is that they're going to make Shadow Mewtwo (from Pokken Tournament)

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Thanks for the page.

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Finally! Now I can get a good night sleep. 😂

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So maybe Newtwo's origin isn't quite as simple?

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that's not how Newtwo was made, she's not that young

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