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Babytwo memories


Huey and Newtwo mulling things over with baby's situation, papatwo is brooding.

and yeah turns out babytwos don't get that amnesia human babies do when they reach a certain age, it would make sense for strong psychics

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Aw, Huey's all grown up an putting his foot in his mouth.

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Aw. Pig wants to hear her daddy's heartbeat! That's so cute!

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So, does Huey occasionally break out his Uncle Face because he remembers how happy it made his mama? Do you think he’d try that for the baby?

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well, Huey is only 1 year old so it makes sense that he'd remember his infancy... Pokémon develop quite quickly don't they?

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I wonder since the little girl came from Mewtwo’s jeans did she also get mewtwo’s mastery at puzzles?

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Darn it, you made me cry again with your amazing art and story telling! Mewtow crying plz :cries:

question: you chose Psychic/Ghost for Pig, what type are the others?

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The rest of them are just psychic like Mewtwo is supposed to be

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Yikes. Need I ask what happened here?

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Someone who’s been getting way too obsessively attached to pig, I finally blocked them so they’ve been hiding their comments, I guess another attempt to get me to feel sorry but I’m not sure

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if you keep spamming I won't have a choice but to block you and you won't be able to read these comics anymore

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You clearly don't know much about guinea pigs.

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Cute but one of the most vocal rodents on the planet.

Magani1996's avatar

Ok, well still missing the point of the original comment. Guinea Pigs are anything but silent.

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You'll let TC do what they want? Gee, how generous of you....

TC-96's avatar

you say that like you weren't going to let me do what I wanted before? With my own series?

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Are they just gonna roll up to your house and physically restrain you from your tablet?? This person is hella weird. I’d strongly suggest blocking tbh, especially if they make no effort to curve their obsessive behavior.

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