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half of you are crying and half of you are probably confused

I may have grown up with the first movie but Mewtwo’s Origin short before the movie was something I only recently came across and by god as if I already didn’t feel bad enough for Mewtwo ;-;

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Will Mewtwo ever come across any more Amber memories? This comic seemed like a set up to a later plot

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Amber: You're alive. And life is wonderful.

Mewtwo: Life is wonderful.... But... Why?

Press F to pay respects to little girl and the artificial Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander

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The brain doesn't remember...But the heart does

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I wonder if mewtwo would ever remember those short value days

And that's it... you've killed me. Through dehydration,

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I didnt ask for these feelings!

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I know he doesn’t like it but I just want to hug him

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I agree with you wholeheartedly.
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Oh no... here come the water works

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I had only just researched AmberTwo today (I have never really watched any Pokemon, I only sometimes play the game) This is very emotional, and you should be very proud. Your art seems to get less credit than it should.

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Perhaps a reason Ash stands out to Mewtwo so much is not just because of his will to battle for what’s right and for the safety and happiness of any Pokémon he meets.

Perhaps it’s because Ash is the only human, in Mewtwo’s eyes, who’s ever come the closest to showing it that sense of love and kindness first shown to it by Ambertwo while it was still developing in that laboratory.  The scientists erased that first experience, but Ash, unknowingly, brought it back.

The little girl Mewtwo met and lost so quickly may not have been real, but her love undoubtedly was.

All right, here, I got some tissues.
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Let me just go and cry over Ambertwo's death real quick...

Cry run 
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If I could... begin to be~
Half of what you think of me~
I could do about anything~
I could even learn how to love~
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Awwww :( I didn't know the short until now, but omg this is so sad...
Well done comic. I love the last picture. I wished Mewtwo would remember.
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emotional memory is stronger than regular memory so even though mewtwo doesn't remember his friends he is still sad from loosing them
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yep, its most likely the reason he immediately snapped after being born and destroyed the entire lab 
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I consider this canon :)
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