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Upside-Down Solar Eclipsing Nose Boop

By tbOsiris
"You wanna....... leave the sun up for a little while longer, Princess?" Boop
Derpy wants Celestia to keep the daytime up for a little bit longer, turning the good ol' muffin charm on.

Decided to animate the wings for motion blur.
Edited in GIMP 2.8

Edit: Increased FoV, Added background scenery, adjusted camera angle, change of hue, Corner gradient light added, waterfall included, and a bunch of Fluttertrees. Rocks included for standing on.
Also, light touch of eyeglow to Celestia and Derpy with uberlight (special thanks to :iconhitman42896: for the help!)
(Raw Exported file available for comparison)

Princess Celestia by :iconbeardeddoomguy: and :iconbenno950:
Derpy "Ditzy Doo" Hooves by :iconponinnahka:
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TsuriaDragon's avatar
Whoa and this is some skill :O great job :D
Birdivizer's avatar
Beautiful work! Well done!
tbOsiris's avatar
Scootaloo (Aww) Plz Thanks, it really means a lot to me too! Paid off with some extra hard work! (and some guidance)
Warhorse26's avatar
Holy shit.. This looks amazing!
tbOsiris's avatar
Rainbow Dash EqG (derp) plz  Glad you liked it!! It sure was a doozy.....
Turbovilka's avatar
Star-lightStarbright's avatar
Hooray for the update! This looks absolutely beautiful~ I'm very happy that I was able to help even if it was a small detail! 
tbOsiris's avatar
Every detail counts for something!! I'm particularly satisfied how this one came out!!
Star-lightStarbright's avatar
You should be~ It came out wonderfully! 
jyroman53's avatar
I like the title xD
Benno950's avatar
Nobody ever credits me for Celestia :/
tbOsiris's avatar
Ooohh.............. okay..............
No!! Changes start today!! You shall receive credit for helping make Celestia!
tbOsiris's avatar
Derp-estia now raised for shipping. All those in favor, say "Aye"
femmedic's avatar
Still a better love story than Twilight.
DerpyHooves216's avatar
Great work :P Keep up the good work
Poninnahka's avatar
This is amazing :D
Star-lightStarbright's avatar
Hah! Super cute! Love the expressions~
tbOsiris's avatar
Twilight (Nodding) Plz Truly didn't know I could pull off cute! Glad you liked it! 
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