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Nu Wa by TbORK Nu Wa by TbORK
"...once mother deity Nu Wa was called to save the Earth and it's people when the sky threatened to fall in after a dispute among the gods. In some accounts the quarrel was between Gong Gong, Spirit of the waters, and Jurong, Spirit of fire. They fought in the far north of the country at the foot of the Buzhou Mountain, a mythical peak that was one of the pillars that held the sky in position. Gong Gong sent floodwaters but they were driven back by Jurong's ravenous fires. This defeat Gong Gong wild with rage. He blundered into Buzhou Mountain like a maddened boar, reducing it to rubble.
Without the mountain peak to support it, the northern sky tilted towards the ground. Half the sky tumbled in, and great cracks opened up in the Earth; the sun, moon and stars fell into the path that is familiar today. Waters poured out of the chasms in the ground, covering the plains.
Nu Wa acted swiftly to repair the damage caused by Gong Gong. First she took some boulders from a river swollen with floodwaters and set a fire so fierce that it melted the stones to a thick liquid. She used this as a paste to patch the pieces of the ravaged sky back together. Next the goddess looked around for something to support the heavens and stop them from falling in again, and her gaze fell on a tortoise. She took the beast, sliced off it's four legs and erected them as supports for the sky at the four corners of the square Earth.
Her work done, order had been restored to the universe, so she laid down to die. New wonders emerged from her dead body - in one account ten gods sprang from her intestines and took up positions as guards of the land of mortals. "
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August 1, 2009
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