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~~~~The Beautiful Distant Shore~~~~

Our story begins with a boy named Leik (pronounced as "Lake"). He seems like an average 14-year-old boy, but truth-be-known he's really a prince of the Kingdom of Uriel in a world called "Rakuen Kuni" (known as, "Paradise Country"). He's a true, blue christian who loves God with all of his heart. He under goes many trials in his faith, love, and trust.

The TBDS world takes place in a time that is both modern (the 21st century) and Medieval (the 16th century).

Tagline: "Under the same sky, maybe we're destined to meet."

Date Started: 08/21/15

Updates: Where ever I find the time

(Note: my art style may change without notice. I've noticed the more I do art; the more my art changes over a short time. It's strange. Or at least when I go back over my previous art and look at my current art it's like isn't not the same style, and it's by the same person. Why?)

Rating: Older Teen 16+; Blood, violence, pain and suffering / ⚤ Romance. (There might be a possible dying scene at the end, it's undecided/unknown at this moment (with a happy ending), and it might be terribly sad/heartbreaking.)

Reads: Japanese style, right to left.

Official website:

Not yet published:


1. Group's Focus: Reading and enjoying the manga.

2. Please, only use the "Featured" folder for TBDS-related fan arts/fan works. ^^ Please, keep the group organized and please don't mix-up the fanart with the manga's orignal art, it'll get confusing.

3. Whatever you choose to post as fanart or comments, please keep it nice and clean or I'll have to give you a warning or a ban. Sorry, I don't like doing that, but I don't want to see these contents in this group, please and thank you: NO nudity, sexual themes (including these: hentai, yaoi/shounen-ai, and yuri/ shoujo-ai), strong language, racialism, ideologically sensitive, or excessive violence/gore.

4. That's all! :) Please enjoy the manga, and thank you for becoming members and hopefully devoted readers~!



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