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an honour to the lives lost in ignorance and bully! i wasn't aware of the day until today when i saw in a purple attire! i was really shocked.... i can understand the extent of frustration n isolation these victims undergo that in some cases they have just no option left other than to say farewell to this earth, on which they are compelled to grow a feeling of being a burden! and for those people who are great warriors and hate to quit, a salute! n i urge people, whoever is viewing this part, to stand beside these lonely teens, if they come across one, who are victims of such inhuman nasty acts, n to show everyone that it's the right and liberty of us to be different than others, if that's what those dirty-mindeds feel!
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Very well said. My thoughts and hopes go out to those lost in the past, and those striving for a better future. <3
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yeah same here as well..... :blackrose: