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For the first time, my niece came for a visit. Her parents wanted me to take care of her, for the time being. Unfortunately the Hellsing Organisation isn’t a place for children to play around, especially because of a certain monster is lurking in the shadows. He was watching us, while I kept her in the office; I had to take care of her, but also a lot of work to do. Integra allowed me to do that, as long I keep the girl away from the vampire. She didn’t have to tell me who she meant, it was obvious, and he is not someone who you like to have as a babysitter.

My niece was drawing a picture on the floor, while I was taking a phone call. With my back to her I took care of the paperwork too, till I looked back to check. The papers fell out of my hands, as I watched the scenario in front of me. My niece is drawing...with Alucard. He was sitting on the floor with her on his lab. I didn’t know what to do.

“Aunt N/A this is for you” she holds up he painting, on it was me and a taller person in red, holding hands. I smiled sweetly at her “That’s very good, but who is that next to me?”
She raised her head up looking into the monsters eyes “This is your boyfriend.” I didn’t get it

“What...boy...” she pointed at Alucard “oh...”

Instead of discussing the matter I went back to the paperwork, while keeping eye on them. My niece seems to enjoy playing with the vampire. I wasn’t sure if I should be frightened for her life or laugh at how sweet that looks. No one would believe me if I told anyone, that I see the no-life-king playing dolls with her, reads her a story and let her brush his hair.

Once I was done with work, I wanted to take my niece out for a walk, alone. But she had other plans, as the monster stood up she holds his hand and drags him along. I thought I was working too much, because this was too much for me. I know Alucard as a brute, sarcastic, heartless monster who enjoys killing and humiliating his opponents for fun. It became even more unusual as she holds my hand too; we look like a couple with their child. For me it was embarrassing, but Alucard was enjoying himself. On a bench I had to sit next to him as, she wanted to sit on his lab again. To ignore his close presence I was drinking some water until, “Uncle Alucard will you and N/A have children one day?” I choked on the water, only for Alucard to rub my back to help. My niece giggled at my action and the vampire joined her laugh. Great! They really get along.

But what worries me the most is the monsters attitude, what is he up to? He didn’t stop there; as it was time for her to eat. He sat next to her and had a conversation with her, but every time I went passed them, they whispered. Whatever he said, my niece seem to love it, she giggles around and looks a time once in a while, like it’s a big secret between them.

Oh please let this day pass soon, I thought while glancing at the clock.

Alucard carried her to my room putting her down on my bed. While she lied under the covers he lied next to her telling a good night story. At that time, I was in the bathroom not knowing what is going on outside. All I could hear was my niece asking him questions.

As I came out he was done with his story “And that’s how we met little girl” I looked at him with a raised brow. She looked up to the monster with big eyes “That’s so cute!” “Indeed little one”
“Okay...” I interrupted them “it’s time for bed, could please move....Alucard?

“Of course, dearest” I wasn’t sure if should take it was a tease or him trying to be funny. He stood up and lifted up the sheets to cover me up. It didn’t fell right, but didn’t argue to get in.
The monster was ready to leave us; my mind was screaming in delight as my nieces shouted “Wait....” he turned around.

Oh god what now???

“What about good night kisses?” I looked at her shocked, was she serious?

“My apologies little one” he went to my niece, as she stood up, hugged him and gives him a kiss on his cheek. To my surprise he smiled widely at her action, before moving away “Wait...”
What does she want now???

“And aunty N/A?” his smile grew wider as my face went pale, she really asked a vampire to give me a good night kiss?

“How could I forget?” he moved around the bed towards me “no, no, you don’t have to”
“The little girl insist” I looked at her as she nodded at me; her reaction was like a fan girl watching their crush getting kisses. I didn’t want to upset her though, so I moved my head to give him my cheek. She didn’t like it as she puffed up her cheeks “no...not the cheek...the lips”
I was shocked “Why should he kiss me there???” “Mam and daddy kiss like that” “Because there together and they love each other.” All of a sudden, she started to cry “Don’t you love uncle Alucard anymore?”

I can’t remember that I ever have, where does she get that idea?
“What gives you that Idea?” “Uncle Alucard told me, that you love each other...why are you lying?” her tears became stronger.

I watched the monster, enjoying this situation. My heart became weak seeing my niece crying, without any thought, I stood up, grabbed Alucards face and kissed him fully on the lips. Not only was she surprised, but I also caught the vampire off guard. Once parted I smiled at my niece “fooled you, of course I love him, I mean he is my boyfriend after all” “husband” she said in-between sobs “eh?” she repeated “he is you he?”

What kind of rubbish did he tell her???

I swallowed “of fooled you again.” She smiled again, rubbing her tears away.
“Okay, now good night sweetheart” I told her, kissing her head, before moving towards Alucard “and good night to you too Alu...” cold lips touched mine “Good night, my beloved.”

With that he disappeared in thin air, in fear I looked at my niece, only to see her sleep. I was glad that she didn’t see that.

The next day, it was payback time for all his lies, as I informed Sir Integra about it. I smiled satisfied, he was forbidden to come anywhere near me and his supply of blood was cut short. Hehehe revenge can be so sweet!
Armegaddon Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
That was pretty cute! I definitely giggled <3 Fickle vampires and kids seem to go so well to plot out things XD
taztaz92 Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2018
I agree XD
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