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I met the mortician at a theater play, he played the queen. He had a fit as the guy next to him was rubbing his chest. I hard quite the trouble to keep my laugh down, as the curtains feel fast.
Too bad it was all over too soon.

But I had a chance to meet him again at his shop. I received the information of a butler, who serves a little boy with blue hair. Inside the shop I found him behind the counter, giggling at something. As I approached him, he turned around and made me scream up. He was holding a dummy in his hand, for a split second, it looked like a real human. Immediately, he threw the figure down and was laughing on the floor, trying to catch his breath. “You are a genius, dear!” he said, in between the laughs. I didn’t know what he meant, but his laugh was catching, I began to join him. Minutes later we both stopped and he reached out his hand “May I introduce myself, I am Undertaker” I took his hand smiling back at him “Charmed, I am N/A.”

We kept on talking, as he served me tea and cookies. The whole night I spend at his place, I was even allowed to sleep there. In the morning he began to make breakfast, he told me to sit down as he prepared some eggs in a pan. Out of curiousity, I pinched his waist.

“Hahahahaahaaha” he threw the pan into the air, till it slammed onto the floor, the egg flew on me. Another fit of giggles came from him. I enjoyed hearing his laugh and tried another attend later on.

I see…so he is ticklish, but how ticklish?

While he took care of his `customers, I tickled his neck. “Haahhahaahahaaha” the organs were ripped out of the body… now it as my turn to get a laugh attack. His face was priceless, even though I couldn’t see his eyes. He told me that he is glad that I like to laugh, but I should do it not while he works. I agreed and waited for him to finish.

Once he was done and cleaned his hands, I went behind him ….tickle…tickle

“Bwuaaahahahahahahaha” the bowl of water has messed up the floor. I ran away fast, hoping not to be in trouble later. To my surprise, he didn’t seem to be mad, as he made the flour ready for his cookies.

…I couldn’t resist

…tickle, tickle

“Bwuahahahahaahaahahahaahahahaahahaa” the flour went all over him and me and we were both laughing at our ridiculous looks.

I decided to call it a day for him, as his shop looked horrible. Grease, blood, water and flour were lying around everywhere. I wasn’t surprised, that he closed the shop earlier than usual. Not being aware, that he was behind me, something went around my upper waist.
“It’s my turn now” he said tickling my sides.

Tickle, tickle…

“hahahahahaahaah, stop, stoooop, hahahaahahaaha” I laughed, begging him to stop. I was lying on the floor; as he sat on me, continue to torture me.  At the end, I was covered in the same mess as the floor; he on the other hand, had already cleaned himself. He let go of me, as I began to cough, hardly getting any air from all the laughing.

He went into the back room, before returning with a mop and bucket “Since you had your fun today, you must face the consequences…” he gave me the supplies “…you must clean the entire shop.”
“But you threw it around!” I complained. “Because you tickled me” he corrected, leaving towards the main door. “And what about me? I have to wash myself” I whined looking at my clothes and my hair, covered with flour.

“Hehehe…you had your fun…I have mine later on” he said, holding soap up.

“Not on your life!!!!” I yelled, before the door closed, I could still hear his chuckle outside.
We all know this laughing sicko, but how ticklish is he?
LunalaCrevan Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2018  Student Artist
Awww!i love it!too Cute!
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