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Sir Integra invited some guests form the round table conference. These are the members and their sons. It was my job as well as other girls from Hellsing had to keep the sons company. Unfortunately, a friend of mine is acting quite strange lately. He is been bugging me ever since he heard about the invitation.

To entertain the guests, we decided to go out. But it seems the boys have other plans, as we all went to the dining hall. There they began to have conversation with us and even a few flirts. They are quite handsome and well mannered; I see no problem to flirt back, till something tugged on my arm.

“Mama, I can’t sleep,” a little boy with mid-length black hair whined, while pulling on my arm. All I could do was staring at the boy.

“Mama?” my company gave me a testing look “I didn’t know you have a child.”
Neither do I, which was what I thought “I am not, he is not my child.” The boy started to make a tantrum; he threw himself on to the floor and screamed. It was embarrassing for me.
I pulled the boys hand and dragged him out the room “Who are you?” he looked up at me “your son” “You are not my son” he didn’t look interested at my words though “I could be your son” “I don’t want you as my son” he looked up at me with big red eyes “Please?”

“No” I turned around to leave as, he holds my leg tight “please...mama” “Stop it!”
My guest seem to have watched us as he came over “Miss N/A, your son is quite clingy, why don’t you take him with you, I’m sure e won’t cause any trouble, aren’t you little boy?” He let go of my leg and smiled a creepy smile at my guest “I behave... for mama.”

I know that smile; there is another person who smiles like that. I grabbed the boy’s hand, before raising my head to the guest “Will you excuse us for another moment.” Outside the hall I confronted him “Okay, play times over...Alucard” he didn’t change back though. “You scare me, I thought you love me” “Stop this...for the last time...I am not your mother...act your age Alucard!”
With that I went back, leaving him in the hall. The guest looked a little surprised as I came back alone; I informed him that he was with his father. He would never believe me if I say that he is a powerful vampire, over 500 year old and can change into all sorts of forms...even a little boy.
A little lie won’t hurt, right?

All of the other guests have left the dining room, leaving us alone. I offered him to go to the library, there’s a fireplace and the furniture are more comfortable to sit in, he accepted.
The night turned out to be pleasant; we talk all sorts of things, till he needed the toilet. He was gone for a while, I began to get worried and was ready to find him, till he appeared at the door...pale as a sheet. “Miss N/A I have to go now, it was a wonderful night” I was glad that he was happy about it.

“Maybe we can do this another time?"

“No!!!!” he screamed.

“???” Whats his problem?

“I mean, let’s leave it like that okay?” I accepted his decision, but as I reached for him to hug, he backed away “I don’t think it’s such a god idea” the next he grabbed his coat and left the room in quite a hurry.

I didn’t understand it and sat on the sofa, worried of what I have done. It didn’t take long for another presence sat next to me “mama?”

Oh please not again!

“Alucard, please, drop it” he lied on top of me with his head on my chest and his arms around my waist, like a child cuddling his mother “I’m glad I have you to myself now.”

“I am not in the mood” I tried, as he snored lightly. I wasn’t a surprise, since he was pestering me the whole day, he hasn’t slept since. I wrapped my arms around him; with one I massaged his head, while my eyes become heavy.

A monster is bothering me all day, just to get attention...such a child.
WonderWald Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Very good written! c:
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Thank you ;)
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You're welcome!
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