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It was one of those days, were Lindel and I were watching the night sky. Not a single cloud was blinding our sight, while our thoughts were taking wings; surrounded by fireflies. “What a beautiful night, even the dragons seem to dream tonight” said the ancient mage, looking at all the dragons, lying around, closing their eyes, while their breathing takes a steady rhythm. It was one of those magical nights, were anything seems to be possible.

I startled the mage, as I started to laugh out of the blue.“Is something funny?” he asked confused. “I was just thinking. Do you remember back then, as we were travelling around with Elias? The night was just like this” I could see from his eyes, that he remembers it, all too well. A blush came to his face “I remember. Who could forget that idiot? I can’t.” We both had to chuckle at the same thought. “Neither can I since he ruined that ´special´ moment” holding Lindel´s hand.

In the past:

I travelled with Lindel through the land, following the reindeers. It all changed as he met Elias, in a winter night. I was introduced the day after, following them both to Lindel´s master, Rahab. She also helped me, when I had no path to follow or someone I would be able to trust. Once they discussed the ´little´creatures existence and name (She was known for her obsession to give names to others) Lindel decided to keep Elias as an acquaintance, instead of an apprentice. Together, we travelled through the land, teaching him all he needs to know. But that wasn’t an easy task, as Lindel noticed, that there was something Elias was missing in his life. Around the fire we talked all sorts of things, but on that one night…it was different.

I gave Elias my blanket to warm him, so Lindel shared his with me. As we came closer to each other, I noticed his eyes were focused on me. “You look cold” he said, touching my lips, as they were a little blue from the cold. The next…he came closer…and closer...almost in reach for a kiss.


We stopped moving, looking both towards little Elias. “Is something?” I asked him, as he sat opposite us, leaning towards us. “What were you doing?” he asked bluntly. “Eh?” said Lindel and I at the same time. “Are you going to taste N/A?” he asked with a hint of curiosity in his voice. We both blushed as we moved away from each other. Lindel tried to explain this to Elias “Well…you see…it’s…something…humans do…”he stuck in his explanation “…N/A can explain it better than me.” With that he stood up and pretended to feed the reindeers. Thanks a lot Lindel, I thought. So there I was, moving closer to Elias “What you just saw, is called…a kiss. It’s something humans do…to show their affections to one another.” He nodded “… is it good?” I leaned back, looking up the sky, while smiling “It’s the most wonderful feeling in the world, especially if it is the right person.” “How does it feel?” he pushed. “You feel all warm and tingly, some might even feel a shiver down their spine” I said, lost in thought.

As Elias stopped asking I looked at him, seeing him playing with his fingers “Eh…N/A?” I hummed in response “…can I …I mean …would you …give me one?”

I was speechless; it was adorable and innocent of him to ask me such a question. I decided to him one though. I leaned over to him, holding his skull in both hands and kissed him at the top of his head. “How does it feel?” I asked him a minute later. He didn’t say anything, only moving his hands towards his stomach. I waited, until he leaned towards me once more “…again…” he demanded. He got three more kisses of me that night, till he fell asleep in my arms. Every since then, I gave him a good-night kiss and many, many hugs. That is, if there wasn’t an ancient mage being jealous of my attention to Elias. We spent our time together, once Elias went to bed, getting ´his special kisses’ from me.

Back in the present:

“He always got more kisses from you” whined Lindel. No matter how old he gets, he will always be jealous of Elias. “In case you haven t noticed, I am with you, not with Elias” I said hitting his shoulder lightly. He didn’t believe me. “Thing about it, Elias asked me of the other thing we did together” I said out of the blue. “That Idiot did what???”, finally, I got Lindel´s attention. “Relax, he didn’t get it…after all…I am in love with you…” giving Lindel a passionate kiss “…and only you.” As we parted he had to whine again, like the old man he is “Still…I don’t think he understands such things… no matter how old he gets.”

At Elias house:

“Achoooo” Elias wiped his nose, surprised at the sudden tingle in his nostrils. On that night we weren’t the only ones remembering that day. He thought of it, once Chise kissed him under the mistletoe…he felt the same reaction, like he did with me back then. He sighted though…also remembering the other thing…I refused. “Maybe Chise will do that with me” he said out loud, going upstairs to her room.

Luckily, we were in the land of dragons; otherwise we had heard a frying pan hitting Elias head.

An idiot indeed…
No matter how old he gets, he will always be jealous of that skullhead. Just because of that one night!
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