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I have worked for the Hellsing  Organisation, since last year and it felt like an eternity to work there day in, day out. The only moments I enjoy the most, were the nights I spend with Alucard in front of the fireplace, sipping wine (which he picks for me) and talk about random things. But this night was like no other. Normally, he awaits me at the lounge, with two bottles of wine and glasses. He always occupies the couch next to the sofa, wearing only his suit. His glasses are on the table and the trench coat and hat are nowhere in sight. I also meet him on time, which he is very pleased with. But this night, I came a few minutes late. Before that, I had a conversation with Seras, which was longer than expected. I was concerned of Alucard´s reaction towards me, because of my late arrival. Just as expected, out of nowhere, he appeared right before me. He was angry alright, his face spoke more than thousand words. “You’re late”, he spoke in his deep voice which included a dangerous undertone within. As all of a sudden his expression changed to a grin as he spoke with an amused voice towards his draculina, “the police girl will get her punishment later”. Poor Seras. I started to feel sorry for her, since her master is known for his historical brutal methods. This thought was quickly forgotten as he pushed me towards the lounge.

Inside, he directed his hand towards the sofa, gesturing me to sit. I obeyed and sat down. In an instant we had a conversation, started by Alucard. A night like always. But something had changed. Somehow I couldn’t concentrate on the topic, as my mind went back to the so-called-punishment he would give Seras. Lost in thoughts I didn’t hear him stand up from his seat. With a blink of an eye, he sat right next to me, not a centimeter away from another, legs crossed and one arm spread over the couch, right behind me, resting on the back of the couch. Even though I was quite uncomfortable, he kept on talking like nothing happened. He pressed me on to talk back, moving closer. His actions didn’t help at all. Through my tries to speak, his face came closer towards mine, making my voice crack, while his arm came down the sofa towards my shoulder, trapping me between his arm and body. His other hand reached for my chin and forced me to look into his face. In an instant, I froze. My face heated up and before I know it, I became aroused by his action. I closed my eyes waiting for the impact, I heard him move and suddenly I felt something on my nose.

He tipped my nose with his finger.

“You don’t expect me you to reward for not listening are you?” he chuckled.  My face was red from embarrassment, moving my face away from him. Only for Alucard to grab my chin and made me face his way, a devilish smile creeping up.

“It seems I have to punish two bad girls tonight”
Alucard is known for his harsh approach towards his enemies, but how is he towards someone he cares?
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