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Partyanimal? (Alucardxreader) One shot

It’s been ages, since we had a weekend off. The captain of the wild geese, known as Pip Bernadotte, decided to take us all out for the night. This means Pip, his soldiers, the Draculina Seras Victoria and I. No one dared to invite the Nosferatu, Alucard. We all agreed that it wouldn’t be his thing anyway.

I’m sure that his reputation is the main reason why no one wants him around.
To our surprise, as we stood at the main gates of Hellsing, a large figure appeared, in a black suit, red shirt, black tie, and long black straight hair. He all hoped it wasn’t who we thought he was.

Bad luck!

But how did he know we were going out? We all could think of one person and we all gave her a death glare... Seras. As we made our way to the cars I pulled her away from the others, “What were you thinking??? Inviting him of all creatures” “Master read my mind, I couldn’t stop him from coming along” I gave her a suspicious look, “Have you even tried?” Her reply was a nervous smile. As we reached the cars, something wasn’t quite right, no wonder, they all agreed to get me in the car with Alucard and Seras...alone, without asking me first. Seras wasn’t even sure of whom she should be more scared of, her Master or me. She kept quiet the whole ride as I send an angry look at her direction, while I had to sit next to the gigantic creature of a monster. His size took too much space that I had to sit very close to him; his arm around me didn’t help either. Seras and Pip is going to pay for that. Through the entire ride Alucard didn’t lose his smile on his face while massaging my arm, my mind screamed, “Are we there yet????”

It took an eternity for us to arrive at our destination. Alucard got me out of the car like a proper gentleman, offering me his hand, while Seras had to get out by herself. Inside it was ... loud and crowded. Thankfully Pip booked us a table at a VIP lounge, the sitting arrangement was...obvious, everyone instead of me sat far away from the Nosferatu, as far as possible. Before we could argue about it, Pip starts off with shots for everyone. Seras preferred not to, but Alucard joined in, to our surprise. Next were beers and cocktails, if we weren’t so scared of the no life king we would have burst out laughing as he drank a ´sex on the beach´, through a straw. As we all were a little tipsy, we got to the dance floor. Alucard stayed at the table watching us dance, he didn’t seem to like the music. The disco has several areas with different music; we were between the 90s and techno music. Through the dance I made Seras dance with Pip, which he turned into a dirty dance. The result was a flick on his forehead in the process. Yeah, punishment can be so sweet. Only Alucard doesn’t seem to enjoy himself, his smile faded by the minute. Even as girls came over to him, he didn’t seem to like it. But as I came, he... smiled... widely. “Why aren’t you dancing? Don’t you like it?” “You humans have unusual taste of music, who can dance to such a thing?” I thought about it for a minute, „How about I show you around, there is plenty of other music to listen to” He nodded. I grabbed his hand and went with him through the crowd. We talked about music through our walk, as he stopped at one hall; there was something that seems to have caught his interest. The singer was singing something about love and body, but with a nice beat to it. Suddenly, he grabbed my hand and pulled me onto the dance floor, right into the middle. “What are you doing?” “Trust me...” he grabbed my waist with one hand “...let me guide you” With that we started to dance together... like we had done this all the time. It was rather embarrassing to dance with a tall guy; we looked like father and child dancing together. From the corner of my eyes, I could hear people whispering and comments like “they are really good” “Awww, how sweet” etc.... We danced through three more songs, till I called it off. The next we were all back at the launch playing truth or dare. It’s not good to play such a game with people who are pissed, how much did they drink without me? Anyway, there was no turning back as one of the soldier asked his captain. It didn’t take long, „Truth man, truth” “How do you feel about Seras” His drunken face went over to the police girl, with a wicked grin “Mon Cher? A hell of a girl I want to kisssssss” Seras had shut his mouth from continuing any further. Too bad, she is too sober for this game ... what a killjoy. The next couple of rounds some soldiers had kissed one another or asked questions about other women, which was mainly about Seras. Yeah, the guys love Seras. Till it was my turn, Pip asked me “Truth or dareeeee~” ”Dare” The quys were whistling around making howl sounds, how pissed were they exactly??? “ I dare!” “EH?????” Seras and I couldn’t believe it. What a bunch of pervs, but we had no choice, it was dare after all. We came closer to each other...slowly our faces were near... noses are touching...lips inches apart...and.........

“Wuoooah”, Alucard pulled me away, only to drag me out of the Club, i could feel the stares on my back. What’s wrong with him? In an instant, he pushed me to his height face-to-face, pushing me against the wall; my only support is to wrap myself around his waist. His hands on each side of my head as his face came closer. “What are you up to?” His devilish smile appeared “Before the police girl gets you, I will have you first” “Whaa...” Lips stopped me; we closed eyes... and shared this sensational moment...alone. He took his sweet time before releasing me, “I think we should go out more often, my dear” “I think so too”

2 Weeks later

I haven’t seen Alucard ever since that night at the disco. Walter informed me, that he is having a massive headache and feels sick. He drank quite a lot that evening; it seems the ´drinks´ weren’t good for him after all. I don’t know why but I had to smile at that thought „I never seen a vampire with a massive hangover, maybe I should visit him later on”
Going out with the Wild geese and the police girl was the plan. But a certain vampire wants to join the fun.
LadyCharlotteSerena Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2018
Great story ! I love the writing style !
Keep doing these i love them !
taztaz92 Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2018
I got more stories on Wattpad if you like to read more ;)
LadyCharlotteSerena Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2018
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