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“ALUCARRRDDD!!!!!” Integra has been in a bad mood all day and all because of her family pet. Everyone in the mansion was tired of that vampire’s mischief. No one dared to get in Integra’s way today, not even Walter. But then, as I was talking to Mr. Bernadotte and Seras in the corridor, our Master approached us. She barked at the police girl and the captain to leave at once, which leaves me alone with her. “Miss N/A I was told that you and Alucard are getting along, is that right?” “I guess so” “Good, take him out.” She wants me to do what?

“Take him out??? No one can kill....”    

“I meant to take him out... for a walk”  
“You heard me right, entertain him or whatever...just get him out of my sight.”  

“How should I do that? I can’t take him on a leash now can I?”    
“Not a bad idea”, she dragged me into one room to give me a black leash “Wait at the entrance Miss N/A, he will be with you shortly.”

Why me? As I waited at the door for a few minutes, a shadow approached me, with red eyes. It began to take shape, it was a dogs head. “Awww, what a cutie, come here boy...” it approached me “my... what a large dog you are and such beautiful....” suddenly eight pair of eyes gazed at me “...yikes!!” He is huge, is that what I think it is? Is that the vampire?

Lost in thoughts I didn’t notice him pulling on the leash. The next he let go and sat right in front of me. I look at the leash, then and back at him he serious? “You want out for a walk?”he barked “And you want to be on the leash?” another bark approved.

“He is not allowed to leave this place without it and he had to remain a dog for the rest of the night, isn’t that right Alucard?” It was Sir Integra who came to the entrance, Alucards growl was dangerously low; I hope he doesn’t take his anger out on me. “That’s a good dog, now of you go“, she had put the leash on his collar and hands over the end of it. “Enjoy”

I could have sworn, she loved it...she is so evil.

“Okay Alucard lets go for a wwwwwaaaallllkkkkkk!!!!” The minute I opened the door he shot up and ran out the mansion dragging me along....on the floor. “BAD DOG...BAD DOOGGG!!!”

I should consider myself lucky, he only ran over fields, I was covered in mud, dirt, bruises, and scratches all over my body. He lied down opposite from me his head on the floor, trying to give me...the puppy eyes. “Don’t pretend to be  cute...this is ALL your fault!” I lost hold on the leash a long time ago and I had no strength to run after him. He was gone for a second, as he appeared with a stick, throwing it onto my lab. I knew what he wanted. “Okay, where is the stick? ...fetch” I tried to throw it as fast as possible, from the distance he acts like any normal dog. I did this a few more times before going to the fountain, near the mansion, to wash my face. Only for Alucard to appear with his stick. Surprisingly, its different now as before, a little longer and a few twigs at one end. Since it was dark I couldn’t make it out, till I grabbed it but Alucard refused to let go. Through the touch it felt different, till I arm. He found an arm, a real arm. Out of instinct I wanted him to let go “Let go, bad dog, spit it out!” I pulled with so much force that the arm was ripped in half and I fell backwards into the pond. Today wasn’t my day. “Alright, that’s it!” I stomped off towards the mansion, with Alucard following beside me, like a faithful dog.

Inside the mansion I went straight towards my room, I couldn’t care less where that beast goes now, but then I was stopped by Walter. I could tell he was trying to hold back a laugh “Don’t Walter, just, don’t!” “Shall I prepare the bath for you?” “Yes please”

Through hours of bathing, I jumped into my Pyjamas, crawled into my bed and took out a book. This was my time to relax and peace. This didn’t last long, unfortunately, as my door opened to reveal something on four paws. I could hardly contain my anger “Get out!” but he stayed, “NOW!”

I couldn’t get rid of him, throwing the book at him didn’t work either; he was a pain in the backside, he managed to ruin my only time for myself. All I could do now as to go to sleep, closing my eyes...slowly.

Something moved.

My eyes were wide awake as I saw what happened. He jumped onto my bed rested himself beside me and closed his eyes. “If this is supposed to be a bad’s not a good one,” he didn’t respond to that, instead he was licking my hand. I reached for his head and stroke it and then he moved closer to me to receive a body massage, spoiled vampire!

Watching him makes me tired, as my eyes began to get heavy. The walk was a disaster, but the cuddle session makes it up for it. I closed my eyes and whispered one last thing.

“Good night Alucard”
Taking a dog out is fun, but what if its a hell hound/vampire?
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